Comparing Two-Digit Numbers

After digging deep into our Place Value Unit, our students have gained a deeper understanding of hundreds, tens, and ones. Once we’ve completed this foundational math unit, we transition to the skill of comparing two-digit numbers, introducing essential vocabulary like “greater than,” “less than,” and “equal to.”

comparing two-digit numbers master math unit

With every math unit I create, I like to make a theme to go with it. This unit’s theme is alligators. There are three main alligators that we create and use daily during the unit as well; Jess is less, Nater is greater, and James is the same. During most units, we complete the craft at the end of the unit. However, for this unit, we do it first since we use them daily.

greater than less than craft alligators

Our guided math approach, as always, adheres to the MASTER acronym, which breaks down into 6 distinct components:

M – Manipulatives

We kick off this unit with hands-on activities, providing students with sets of cards to compare. They solve both sides of the equations and place the appropriate comparison symbol between the cards. Collaborative learning is encouraged, with peers checking each other’s work.

A – Apply Skills

To apply what they’ve learned, students engage in various games, including Bingo and game boards. These games reinforce their understanding and make learning enjoyable.

S – Small Group

During our small group sessions, a group of 4-5 students meets with me at a table. Here, we practice the concepts together using pencil and paper activities. It’s an excellent opportunity to gauge each student’s grasp of the material.

comparing numbers worksheet

T – Technology

Technology plays a crucial role in our math journey. We leverage tools like Boom and Google slides to provide interactive practice opportunities, catering to different learning preferences and abilities.

E – Enrichment

The enrichment rotation offers open-ended challenges that expand their understanding beyond the skill being taught. This independent workstation allows advanced learners to explore math concepts at a higher level.

comparing numbers grade 1 enrichment worksheet

R – Review

Our review center, lovingly referred to as the “green” center due to its paper color, provides a quiet and independent environment for students to revisit and reinforce concepts. Regular review ensures that learning remains fresh and helps us identify any areas that may need further attention.

More Resources for Comparing Two-Digit Numbers

At the culmination of each unit, we assess our students’ understanding. Beyond these core components, our unit also includes comprehensive resources such as lesson plans, recording sheets, “I can” posters, binder covers, and book recommendations. Our classroom eagerly anticipates our daily Master Math sessions, fostering a positive and engaging math learning experience.

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Here is what a few people had to say about this Comparing Two-Digit Numbers Unit:

“This is a complete life saver for math. My students love it and are understand the standards at deeper levels.”

“THIS IS AMAZING! So engaging, so differentiated! So good for the price!”

“Love this unit!! I love that all of your units are set up the same which makes it easy to find what I need!!”

“These units are packed with great resources! We don’t have time to do every piece…but I love the flexibility of choosing what will work best for my kiddos.”

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