Mooseltoe ~ Differentiated

Mooseltoe ~ Differentiated
Have you ever bought something from TpT and you wanted to do EVERYTHING?  I have this problem when I buy products and make them.  I can’t decide what I’m going to do with all the choices I have. When it comes to the holiday season I have an over abundance of goodies and it makes my decision making even harder.  So when I was planning for “Mooseltoe”, I got an idea.  I decided I would pick my favorite ideas and only make 5 copies of each.  
Then after reading the book, I would let the children work in groups and choose what they would work on.  Yes I would let THEM choose.  Choice is such a motivating instructional strategy and it allows for great differentiation.  There are more challenging activities and  activities that are perfect for my emerging learners.  They had the opportunity to choose and work at their level with other children.  It was so much fun for them and for me.  I got to see what they chose, and see them work on many different things.  Keep in mind, all of the choices provided were concepts we have already learned so it was review.  They did a great job!

In the end, nothing was the same.  How AMAZING is that? 
Happy Holidays!


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