6 Fall Picture Books Your Students Will Love

Fall is my very favorite season of the year. The crisp air, changing leaves, apples, pumpkins, and sweatshirt weather just makes me happy. Year after year I love to find new Fall picture books that I can share with my students and daughter that remind me of the season. I have gathered six of my favorite Fall children’s books that I can’t wait to share with you.

6 Fall picture books

1. Fletcher and the Falling Leaves

If you are familiar with The Fox and the Falling Leaves by Julia Rawlinson, then you will know this story. It had a name change and is now Fletcher and the Falling Leaves. Fletcher is the cutest fox who loves his tree. One day he notices a leaf falling from the tree. He begins to worry about his tree and does his best to put the leaves back on it. Then one day winter comes, and he discovers the magic of the season. After reading, we work on many of the comprehension activities that go along with this story.

You can take a closer look at the comprehension activities by clicking the link above or the image to the right, or visit my Amazon store to purchase a copy of Fletcher and the Falling Leaves.

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves activities
The Very Last Leaf activities

2. The Very Last Leaf

Lance Cottonwood is a great student. He is afraid of his final exam which entails falling from the tree. Lance worries about what will happen when he falls. This adorable story by Stef Wade addresses many of the feelings children face daily such as feeling anxious, wanting to be perfect, and facing your fears. In the end, Lance takes a chance and makes the leap. He might be the last leaf, but he does it. This story allows us to share our own fears, discuss the story’s message, and make text-to-self connections.

Click the image or link above to take a closer look at all the activities that go along with this book. You can also purchase The Very Last Leaf from my Amazon store.

3. The Scarecrow

This is a beautifully written story by Beth Ferry and the illustrations are so sweet. One day a baby crow falls from the tree and lands on the ground. Scarecrow snaps his pole, bends down, and tucks the baby crow next to his heart. When winter comes, crow flies away to warmer weather. Springtime comes and the crow comes back with a friend. They have an extra-special surprise for Scarecrow, and he is never lonely again. We use this book to discuss friendship, being lonely, and what we hold close to our hearts.

Click the link or image to purchase the comprehension activities that go along with this story. You can also purchase The Scarecrow book in my Amazon store.

The Scarecrow activities
The Leaf Thief activities

4. The Leaf Thief

Squirrel loves counting his leaves on the tree until one goes missing. He goes on a mission to find the missing leaf with his friend, Bird. After no luck, Squirrel wakes to even more leaves missing. Bird explains to Squirrel that the real thief is the wind. This funny tale written by Alice Hemming is a great introduction to what happens when the weather changes and leaves fall from the tree. The eye-catching illustrations draw the reader in and show that change can cause worries and can be a beautiful thing.

Take a closer look at the comprehension activities for this story by clicking the image or the link above. The Leaf Thief is also available in my Amazon store.

5. The Golden Acorn

If you need an amazing book about teamwork, forgiveness, and friendship this is the book for you. Squirrel takes off to get the golden acorn but realizes it is a team event and she can’t do it alone. If you have read Too Many Carrots or A Loud Winter’s Nap, the same characters have returned: turtle, beaver, rabbit, and bear. Not only does Katy Hudson share a wonderful lesson on competitiveness, but it is exceptionally illustrated. Her illustrations may be my favorite ever! We love writing our favorite fall activities on the adorable acorns.

Check out these comprehension activities by clicking the link above or the image to the right. You can also purchase The Golden Acorn from my Amazon store.

The Golden Acorn activities
The Scarecrow's Hat activities

6. The Scarecrow’s Hat

Chicken really likes Scarecrow’s hat and Scarecrow is willing to trade it for a walking stick. Since Chicken doesn’t have a walking stick, off he goes to find one. On his adventure, he meets several animals who all have different wants and needs. In the end, Chicken trades one thing for another until he gets the Scarecrow’s hat. This is a great circular story about trading, problem-solving, and friendship. The best surprise is what Chicken does with the Scarecrow’s Hat. This fall picture book by Ken Brown is great for sequencing the order of each item that is traded.

Take a closer look at the comprehension activities for this story by clicking the image or link above. The Scarecrow’s Hat is also available in my Amazon store.

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Fall Nonfiction Unit

Be sure to check out these 6 Fall picture books and a few others on my Fall Book Favorites list on Amazon. Read about more fun Fall activities here:


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