Activities for Teaching About Commas

One of the grammar skills I love to address quickly at the beginning of the school year is the correct usage of commas. It’s crucial for children to grasp the significance of pausing while reading, as it enhances their reading fluency and comprehension. This grammar unit includes some fun activities for teaching about commas that will give students an understanding of how commas function within a series and in dates.

activities for teaching about commas

Commas Lesson

We begin each grammar lesson together at the front of the classroom, utilizing the SMART board. I use digital slides to introduce the concept, demonstrate its application, provide practice opportunities, and engage in discussions about what they will independently work on. Throughout this week, our focus starts with learning about commas used within a series. As the week unfolds, we learn the proper utilization of commas in dates. We even sing a catchy song together I composed, with an audio version accessible on YouTube. This unit follows the “I do,” “we do,” and “you do” teaching method, with digital interactive slide activities available for each day.

commas for kids

I love to share children’s literature whenever I can. “Punctuation Takes a Vacation” by Robin Pulver has an excellent section that emphasizes the importance of commas, so we read that specific section.

Punctuation Takes a Vacation

I have a complete list of my favorite grammar books in my Amazon store.

For the ”we do” portion of the daily lessons, we read provided sentences together and determine where to place the commas. I’ve also included some ”we do” practice with commas in dates as well.

Each of my units features a sorting activity suitable for centers or morning tubs. For this week, we read sentences and dates, sorting them onto “yes” and “no” mats based on whether they were written correctly or not.

commas sorting activity

There are several “you do” activities available for daily practice, allowing me to assess progress and identify whether the children require further support or review.

This unit also incorporates a fun cumulative comma craft that reinforces the reasons behind using commas. The completed crafts could serve as an eye-catching bulletin board display. I have included letters that say “Connie Comma” to be used as a bulletin board header.

comma craft

More Grammar Lessons

You can grab my complete Grammar Scope and Sequence document for free. To explore more of my grammar units, you can find information on:

For those interested in my entire 32-week Grammar Curriculum you can check it out here.

Additionally, I offer a Grammar Club subscription, which includes all my grammar units and a wealth of supplementary digital practice slides.

Here is what a buyer had to say about my Commas Unit:

“This resource was exactly what I needed to accompany my lesson on using commas. The students loved the activities and were able to better understand the use of commas after the practice provided. I loved that it was easy to use and follow. Great resource!”

Exploring the song, practice activities, read-aloud, craft, and interactive exercises included in this unit will make teaching about commas not only educational but also fun. By doing so, you’ll empower your students with valuable skills that will serve them well throughout their reading and writing journey. Now, go ahead and infuse a little punctuation pizzazz into your classroom, and watch your students’ comma skills soar!


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