Unicorn Day Activities

A few years ago, I had a student in my classroom who was so special. She almost bounced when she walked, she was always happy, and she marched to the beat of her own drum. She reminded me of a magical unicorn. She loved unicorns and she is the inspiration for my Unicorn Day activities!

unicorn day activities

Unicorn Day Setup

April 9th is National Unicorn Day. This would be the perfect day to find your inner unicorn and celebrate with your students using these fun Unicorn Day activities. Before the day of fun, I send home a letter to the parents with a few fun tips to get ready for Unicorn Day. You could also send home the donation letter to make a unicorn horn snack or decoration using sugar cones. There is also an option to send home a horn to color and decorate for a unicorn horn contest.

unicorn day letter home

Our day begins the minute the students walk through the door. They see the Unicorn Day sign hanging up and the excitement begins.

unicorn day sign

Unicorn Day Reading Comprehension Activities

We kick off the day by reading “Unicorn Day” by Diana Murray together. We complete a few of the reading comprehension strategies and then we make unicorn headbands to wear for the day.

After we make our headbands, we read “How to Catch a Unicorn”. We generate ideas from this story to write about how we would catch a unicorn. There are so many fun unicorn stories you can check out on my Amazon List. (As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.)

I have created blank templates you can use to go along with a book of your choice.

How to Catch a Unicorn activities

Unicorn Day Centers

The rest of the day we do centers around the room. I created unicorn center numbers and center checklists for students to use as they navigate the classroom.

unicorn centers checklists and signs

The students’ favorite center is adopting a unicorn. I found cute little eraser unicorns on Amazon, plastic cups with lids, and some tissue paper. Once they pick out their unicorn, they fill out one of the two pages I created and we turn them into a class book.

There are several math centers around the room. We work on place value, addition to 20, surveying and graphing, doubles, shapes, and we play a unicorn board game.

For phonics and grammar review we complete a blend scoot, make homonym puzzles, sort real and nonsense blends, and complete a long or short vowel scoot.

We end our Unicorn Day activities by coming together and making a unicorn craft. This craft comes with printable letters to spell “magical unicorns” and a few other sayings so you can display them on a bulletin board or on your classroom door. They are so cute when the children put their own touch on this craft.

unicorn craft

Here is what a few teachers had to say about Unicorn Day:

“We had a unicorn day as the “U” of our ABC countdown to summer. This pack made for such a memorable day for my firsties!”

“My students loved this for unicorn day, so easy to use and has so many options and ideas.”

Before or after this day, I also love to read Thelma the Unicorn. It is such a special book that I like to spend a day during our whole group reading comprehension block on it.

Thelma the Unicorn activities

Unicorn day is definitely magical and memorable. Here are some other fun theme days you might enjoy…


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