Back to School…Sneak Peek!

It’s that time of year where things are crazy and we are all getting ready for back to school!  My room is almost done so I thought I would share my reveal with all of you.
We will begin the tour with my Thankful Tree.  Everyday we select something or someone we are thankful for.  At the end of the year we review all of the amazing things that happened over the year!
Back to School...Sneak Peek! - First Grade Roars!
I don’t have many bulletin boards in my room so I snagged this portable magnetic dry erase board for my job chart.  It works out great.  I also keep supplies that need to be replenished on carts.  We don’t use markers often in first grade so they are available in containers when we use them.
My little meeting area is super cozy!  I got this amazing table at a consign it shop.  It is so perfect, my kiddos are literally right on top of me so I can see what they are doing in small group!  You can see my guided reading leveled binders in the back with all of the goodies I need.  If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m a fan of rolling carts.  Oh and yellow, orange and green.
Next up in my classroom library.  I revamped this over the summer.  It was a lot of work but well worth it.  After 18 years of teaching you accumulate a ton of books.  I labeled each book with numbers so they can be put back correctly by our classroom librarian.  I should rephrase and say that my own children and their friends labeled them.  I ordered pizzas and bought slushes for bribery!!!  It was well worth the cost.

My technology area  I’m obsessed with!  My brother made this amazing table for our lake house and my parents are selling it so I got to grab this goodie.  It works so well for our Chrome Books and iPads.  The kids love working here and I can fit 8 of them!
My listening center is also different this year.  I’m trying a little bit of flexible seating and here is an example of one table.
Finally, in the back of my room I have lots of storage.  Last year I removed all filing cabinets and went to tubs.  I love it.  I also covered the doors in fabric and clips to hang the student’s work.  
I hope you enjoyed the tour!



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