Camping Classroom Theme

Introducing Happy Campers Classroom Decor! Get ready to embark on a camping-themed classroom transformation like no other. My teaching bestie’s adorable camping classroom theme inspired me to create a delightful camping decor set filled with rainbow color tones, wooden accents, trees, and an abundance of camping goodies. Your classroom will become a cozy campsite that students will love.

camping classroom theme

Classroom Alphabet Posters

Every classroom needs a captivating alphabet display. These Happy Campers Alphabet Posters offer you seven different alphabets to choose from, catering to various styles and needs. Whether it’s a cursive alphabet, a funky one, or a standard print alphabet, I’ve got you covered. Plus, there’s an alphabet with matching pictures to help students associate sounds with letters.

Camping Themed Classroom Calendar & Number Line

Keep your students engaged with daily calendar activities using the Happy Campers Calendar. We use daily calendar booklets in my classroom so every child can participate (read more about that here), but we also have a calendar bulletin board. I have one student each morning pick a friend and complete the calendar for the classroom. Then, in the afternoon when we do our calendar booklet, we refer to this bulletin board. Here is a peek at just some of the goodies on the calendar board.

The Happy Camper Number Line set includes numbers to count the days of school, tallies, clock labels, and ten frames. The number line extends from -100 to 300, with each 10 highlighted in color and every 5 adorned with mini acorns, perfect for building number sense and counting practice.

Shapes Bulletin Board

Make learning about shapes a breeze with our comprehensive Happy Campers Shapes bulletin board. It includes both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes, as well as large letters spelling out “shapes” for easy reference throughout the year.

Colors Bulletin Board

Explore the wonderful world of colors with the Happy Campers Colors bulletin board set. The colors board is another bulletin board we refer to a lot throughout the year. This set has 2 different options for red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black, brown, gray, and white.

Numbers Bulletin Board

The Happy Camper Numbers bulletin board features two must-haves: ten frames, essential for classroom standards, and easily readable letters for your student’s convenience. Choose between lowercase and uppercase options to cater to your preferences.

Birthday Bulletin Board

Make each student’s birthday extra special with the Happy Campers Birthday Bulletin Board options. Select the one that suits your classroom best, and don’t forget to use the editable birthday certificates, a fantastic way to keep things prepared in advance.

Classroom Library Labels

Labeling and organizing a library can be so daunting, but once it is done it really helps keep it organized. My Happy Campers Library Labels offer a variety of ways to organize your books. The good thing about this set is that once you put the sticker labels on the books if you change your décor, you can still keep the stickers. Just the tub label needs to be changed. Here is a peek at one way of labeling with colors.

Job Chart & Schedule

For smooth sailing throughout the day, display the Happy Campers Schedule & Job Chart to keep all learners on track and aware of what’s coming next. Additionally, you can revolutionize the way you handle job assignments with this job chart. Instead of assigning jobs at the start of the year, hire students for specific jobs that align with their needs and interests, fostering engagement and responsibility.

Name & Table Tags

Keep things tidy with reusable, laminated name tags for your student desks and tables. No more sticky messes! Plus you can number your tables for easy classroom management for lining up, bathroom breaks, snack time, and more.

camping theme classroom name and table tags

Labels & Toolkits for Enhanced Organization

Environmental print is a great thing to have around the room so I label anything I can. It helps the classroom organization and puts print all over my room. I like to label centers and materials for writing, reading, math, student book bins, and more. These Happy Campers Labels come in a variety of options to help you organize your classroom.

I also had many requests for tool kit labels. You can see two options here. Some people wanted just the image. Personally, I would want to know what was in each drawer. You can do this by adding text in the editable PowerPoint.

Classroom Rules & Kindness Posters

Set clear expectations with the Happy Campers Classroom Rules Posters. Feel free to add your own rules using the editable PowerPoint.

Spread positivity and kindness with charming Camping-themed Kindness Posters that encourage a friendly and supportive classroom environment.

camping theme kindness bulletin board

Word Wall

Boost literacy skills with this Happy Campers Word Wall featuring the first 300 Fry words. You can also use the included PowerPoint to add your own words.

camping theme word wall

Camping Classroom Theme Freebie

Get a taste of the colors and design with my FREE Meet the Teacher/Welcome Back/Happy Campers Sign – perfect for Open House and Conferences.

If you want it ALL, you will save a lot of money by buying the Happy Campers Decor Bundle. In addition, you will score these binder covers as a fun bonus!

Camping theme teacher binder covers

Check out this video for a condensed sneak peek of how the decor looks when set up. Imagine how these wonderful elements will transform your entire classroom!

Here is what other teachers had to say about the Happy Campers Decor Bundle:

“OH MY GOODNESS! I have been looking for an outdoor / camping theme for months and months. And then I saw First Grade Roars announce this theme on her Instagram. It is literally better than I anticipated! Absolutely gorgeous! THANK YOUUUUUUUUUU”

“I love camping and the outdoors. I wanted to bring that passion into my classroom and this was the perfect product for me! I’m a first-year teacher and this bundle had everything I needed! I cannot say enough great things about this bundle!”

“This bundle is perfect for male teachers. The colors and everything you have thought about putting in a bundle for your classroom. I wish this was sold at lakeshore or somewhere because it would be flying off the shelves.”

If this set isn’t for you, you can read about my Boho Rainbow Classroom Theme or check out some of my other classroom décor bundles below.


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