4 FUN ways to make learning fun in October!

4 FUN ways to make learning fun in October! - First Grade Roars!
Every month I try to add fun things to my different rotations around the room.  In October it is so hard not to get carried away!  There are so many great little treats out there, I kind of have to control myself.  My favorite stores to shop at for these goodies are Target, Meijers, & The Dollar Store.
One of our favorite things to do in word work is spell our words with stamps and play dough.  I just grabbed some fun Halloween play dough and target and we were off and running.  The orange tray is one of my favorite things to use from the dollar store.  It is perfect for centers.
In the classroom library, I load up my basket with fun Halloween stories.  I add loads of pointers~pencils and fingers.  We also have some batty glasses.  Another fun thing to do is put tea lights out.  The kids think it is pretty cool!
We also bring in our own flashlights for some night time reading!
Who doesn’t love a little change of pace in math rotations?  I have gathered all the fun October erasers, bats, spiders, monsters, and candy I could find to change up the pace for our games. Here are some samples below.
If you would like to grab these black and white or color October No Prep Games CLICK HERE!
Writing is one of our very favorite places to be during Daily 5!  I try to vary the choices in this area to encourage inspiration and keep them engaged.  Their creativity never ceases to amaze me!
Here are a few of the things I do in this area.  I use Halloween straws to make books on the left with white paper.  I use fun tape to make flip books for the children to create their own booklets.  I use just plain old construction paper and writing lines to make both large and small books.  The BEST of all are the fun goodies we use for periods.  We glue pumpkins, glitter, bats, spiders, and eyeballs as our periods.  
I hope you were able to snag an idea or two. Happy Fall!


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