Grammar Curriculum Week 2: Action Verbs Lesson Plans

The second week of the grammar curriculum is all about action verbs. (If you missed the first week about teaching common nouns go check it out!) These action verbs lesson plans include digital slides, posters, a verbs song with audio, stories, practice work, and so much more. Let’s jump right into the plans for this week!

action verbs lesson plans

Each lesson begins together up front by the SMART board. I have digital slides that you complete with the students together. They love these slides and look forward to working on them daily right after morning recess.

For verb week, there is a poster explaining what a verb is, a verb song I wrote with an audio version linked on YouTube, 6 practice slides, and the ”we do” activities for each day. I include the “you do” slides so you can complete them altogether if you wish, review them after they complete them, or model them before you set them loose to work independently.

I love to read children’s books that discuss the topic we are learning about. I found 4 awesome verb books for the week. As a part of the action verbs lesson plans, I have linked any stories I was able to find digitally so you don’t have to go out and purchase them. However, I do have the grammar books in my Amazon Store if you want an easy way to grab them. (As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.)

books for teaching action verbs

Each day we work our way through the digital slides, listen to stories, and sing the verb song. By the end of the week, they have this song memorized and they know exactly what a verb is.

After our mini session together, I like to send my students back to work independently on the “you do” activity. For my verb unit, we match verbs to pictures, find verbs in sentences, draw verbs, and complete a verb assessment.

action verbs worksheets

Each of my units contains some sort of sorting activity. During this week, they can sort pictures of nouns and verbs. This is a great review from the week before. I use these for morning tubs and literacy centers.

nouns and verbs sorting activity

Finally, all my grammar units end with a fun cumulative craft. For verbs, I created a dog with bones. Students label the bones with action words that relate to a dog. For example, fetch, dig, run, eat, climb. I also included bulletin board letters that spell out “Barking Verbs”. It makes an adorable bulletin board. In fact, if you use all my grammar units, you could designate a board just for the weekly crafts.

action verbs craft

If you would like to take a closer look at the grammar curriculum, I’m sharing a free copy of my grammar scope and sequence. You can also read more about the noun grammar unit in my previous blog post, “Teaching Common Nouns” or check out all 32 weeks of the entire grammar curriculum.

grammar curriculum

You can purchase my action verbs lesson plans on TpT or shop right here at my website store.

I also have a grammar club. This club contains all my grammar units and loads of extra digital practice slides.

Here is what a few buyers had to say about my action verbs unit:

“Great unit to use! I especially loved the way the “barking verbs” turned out which are now hanging from a clothesline in my classroom and look so cute and cheerful! Thanks so much!”

“This was such a great resource! The PowerPoint was so fun for them and the anchor chart too! Great review sheets too! Thank you for making such an awesome resource!”


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