Down on the Farm with Doreen Cronin Stories

Down on the Farm with Doreen Cronin Stories - First Grade Roars!
We had a great week reading Doreen Cronin’s Farm stories.  Our focus for the week was text to text.  We were torn between these stories and the three little pigs.  We decided to change it up a bit and I’m so happy we did.  The students just love her silly stories with Farmer Brown.  
In my resources there are plenty of goodies to complete so we had to make some choices.  We decided on Monday to read “Click Clack Moo Cows that Type”.  Since we couldn’t compare text vs. text yet we reviewed beginning, middle and end and characters.  We also spent the day discussing farms and farm life in writing.
On Tuesday we learned about cows and made this cute little cow.  The udder is not part of my pattern but since we learned about the cow parts, the children wanted to add them.  I think they are so funny!
The children also surprised me by their excitement when I made this cow chart.  They were excited to see what they would be learning about the next day.
On Tuesday we read “Giggle, Giggle Quack”.  We compared the two stories on this second day.

This worksheet is from my Comprehension Strategies packet.  We use it every week!
On this day we learned some fun pig facts too! We read my mini book and a few other fun pig books.
On Wednesday we read one of my favorites, Dooby, Dooby, Moo!  Thank goodness I have this one on audio. I can’t sing and it is so much better on audio.    We picked our own story to compare it too.  It was interesting to see what stories they picked.  My favorite part was just sharing together.  Again, this worksheet came from my Comprehension Strategies.
 Then we learned about ducks, not exactly a farm animal but he is in all of the stories so we had to learn about him.
On of my teammates did the other craft in the packet, I think they turned out cute too!
On Thursday, we read “Thump, Quack, Moo.  We took a break from text to text and reviewed our other strategies.  
Finally we ended the week with Click, Quack, Peep!  This story I can definitely connect to an  text vs. self basis.  My child will never go to sleep!!! We made some fun sheep to go along with our facts.  
We also enjoyed a lot of farm activities from the Science of September.  I just love their ideas and the fact that it connects to things I’m already teaching.  Here is a little peek at our farm science center with some of their goodies!
I hope you got a few good ideas!


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