Teaching Subject and Predicate

In the third week of the Grammar Curriculum we learn about sentence parts, so today I’m sharing with you my grammar unit for teaching subject and predicate.

lesson plans and activities for teaching subject and predicate parts of a sentence

We begin each grammar lesson together up front by the SMART board. I use the digital slides to introduce the concept, model, practice, and discuss what they will work on independently. For this week, there is a poster for teaching subject and predicate, a song I wrote with an audio version linked on YouTube, 6 practice slides, and the ”you do” activities for each day.

I love to use the story “Click, Clack, Quack to School!” by Doreen Cronin when I’m teaching subject and predicate. Since we do this grammar unit early in the school year, this book is perfect for back to school. It also has simple sentences that I can pull from to work on finding the subject and predicate.

After our mini-session together, I like to send my students back to work independently on the “you do” activity. For this unit we read phrases to determine if it is the subject or predicate, we read sentences to find both within the sentence, we complete sorts, we create silly sentences, and we have a short assessment at the end.

subject and predicate worksheets

Each of my units contains some sort of sorting activity to put in centers or morning tubs. During this week, they can sort short phrases onto either a subject or predicate board.

subject and predicate sorting activity

We end this unit with a fun cumulative craft. We create bookworms and share our favorite book. They write their name as the subject and then write a book they read. I have fun little letters that say “Bookworms” you could use to make a bulletin board display.

subject and predicate craft and book worms bulletin board

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grammar curriculum units

I also have a Grammar Club. This club contains all my grammar units and loads of extra digital practice slides.

Here is what a few buyers had to say about this unit for teaching subject and predicate:

“First time teaching about subjects and predicates! This resource made it sooooo easy!!! My students were really able to grasp the concept quickly!”

“SO nice to have some grammar guidance and resources!! You’ll want the whole set!”

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