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Learning the three different kinds of sentences is one of the first skills we work on in first grade. We spend week 4 of our grammar lessons examining statements, questions, and exclamatory sentences with lots of fun types of sentences activities. This correlates directly with our writing and using punctuation daily in the classroom so I’m sharing with you my favorite types of sentences activities that will help your students master punctuation.

types of sentences activities grammar lessons

We begin each grammar lesson together up front by the SMART board. I use the digital slides to introduce the concept, model, practice, and discuss what they will work on independently. During this week, we start out just looking at statements and questions. Then, as the week progresses, we learn about the exclamation point. We sing a song I wrote with an audio version linked on YouTube. This unit follows the “I do”, “we do”, and ”you do” teaching method. There are digital interactive slide activities included for each day.

I love to share children’s literature whenever I can. I have three books that are great for learning about punctuation and types of sentences. Sometimes we don’t read the story cover to cover, we just read the part that focuses on the specific punctuation of the day. I have a whole list of grammar books you can find right here.

picture books to teach punctuation

In this unit, we use real pictures for the ”we do” and “you do” types of sentences activities. Using the photos, we generate different kinds of questions. We also read sentences given to determine which type of punctuation goes at the end.

types of sentences worksheets

Each of my units contains a sorting activity to put in centers or morning tubs. During this week, we read sentences that are missing the ending punctuation. We read them and sort them into the type of punctuation the sentence needs.

types of sentences sort activity for first grade

This Types of Sentences activities unit also contains three fun crafts. Rather than ending the unit with the craft, I spread them apart. We do the period on Monday, question mark mid-week, and end with the exclamation point craft. I have included fun little letters that say “Punctuation Pals” if you want to make a bulletin board display.

types of sentences punctuation craft

If you would like to see my Grammar Curriculum scope and sequence, you can grab it for free here.

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Grammar Curriculum

I also have a Grammar Club. This club contains all my grammar units and loads of extra digital practice slides.

Here is what a few buyers had to say about my Types of Sentences/Punctuation unit:

“This was such a great resource to use when teaching types of sentences! It made my lessons more engaging and really broke down the different types of sentences!”

“My students loved using this resource! It was actively engaging while also helping students review the different sentence types. This resource includes so much to help students learn this skill.”

“I have been looking for this type of resource for a long time.. My first graders love the activities and are really engaged.”


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