Turkey Time!

Last week we were working on some of the activities from my Thanksgiving Pack.  We read Jim Arnosky’s “All About Turkeys” and completed the aniticipation guide.  Always one of their favorites!!
Then we worked on creating a web using our web to write an informative piece.  I love how the children check off their items on their web as they write.  They have shown great growth in writing already this year since I have begun using a pre-writing excercise with each writing prompt.  This came from my November writing packet.  We used it a lot this month.

Turkey Time! - First Grade Roars!

We made our turkey crafts today.  Instead of using the coffee filters, I let the children cut out different colored feathers.  They turned out adorable.  I love how they are all different!

I love how he glued his body!

Can you find my Michigan fan?  I love all the feathers.


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