Boho Rainbow Classroom Theme

Choosing the right classroom décor is such an important decision that I always put a lot of thought into each year. Let’s be honest here, your classroom is your second home during the school year. Everything that I put on my walls needs to serve a purpose and make my students feel happy, welcome, and ready to learn. My soft, calm, boho rainbow classroom theme is one of my favorites. It has beautiful soft tones, simple images, and looks amazing in the classroom. This bundle comes with so many pieces to fill your entire room.

boho rainbow classroom theme


Every classroom needs an alphabet displayed. I try to offer a variety in this bundle giving you 7 different alphabets to choose from. There is a cursive alphabet, a funky alphabet, three standard print alphabets, and one with pictures to match the letter sound.

boho rainbow classroom alphabet


We use daily calendar booklets in my classroom (read more about that here) so every child can participate, but we also have a calendar bulletin board. I have one student each morning pick a friend and complete the calendar for the classroom. Then, in the afternoon when we do our calendar booklet, we refer to this bulletin board. Here is a peek at just some of the goodies on the calendar board. There are also numbers included to count the days of school, tallies, clock labels, and ten frames as well.

boho rainbow classroom theme calendar

Word Wall

I love having a word wall in my room for children to refer to during the day. This set includes the first Fry 300 words. I have also included a PowerPoint that you can use to type your own words.

boho rainbow classroom theme word wall

Number Line

Many people requested a number line, so I began adding them to my décor sets. This rainbow number line begins at -100 and ends at 300. Every 10 is highlighted with a color and each 5 has a mini rainbow on it. You can use this to help build number sense, count the days of school, count by 10’s, and count by 5’s.


Every room needs shapes. I can not tell you how many times my students refer to this bulletin board. This set includes 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes. There are also letters that spell out the word “shapes”. They are simple and easy to read for your students to refer to throughout the year.


Another bulletin board we refer to a lot is my color board. This set has 2 different options for red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black, brown, gray, and white.

boho rainbow classroom theme colors bulletin board


When making the number bulletin board I wanted two things – I wanted ten frames as they are part of some classroom standards and I wanted the letters to be readable because they also use this frequently. There are two options for this set a lowercase and uppercase.

boho rainbow classroom theme number line


Every child gets so excited to come into the classroom and see their birthday displayed. It’s one of their favorite days of the year. It also keeps me on track by having it displayed. This set gives you several options for a bulletin board. You can choose which works best for you. I will say that my favorite piece of this set is the editable birthday certificates. In the summer, I type their names and dates on them and I’m ready to go. I like to give the children a certificate, a Target book, pencil or pointer. Having it prepped is one less thing I have to do during the school year.


Labeling and organizing a library can be so daunting, but once it is done it really helps keep it organized. My library labels offer a variety of ways to organize your books. The good thing about this set is that once you put the sticker labels on the books if you change your décor, you can still keep the stickers. Just the tub label needs to be changed. Here is a peek at one way of labeling with colors.

boho rainbow classroom library labels

Schedule & Job Chart

A schedule is such a valuable piece for all learners. I know my students with ADHD loved to have this schedule displayed so they knew exactly what was coming next and to help keep them on track.

boho rainbow class schedule bulletin board

One bulletin board I used to dread was the job chart until I changed how I did it. I don’t assign jobs right away. I get to know the students and then begin hiring them for a specific job all year. A job that matches their needs and mine. For example, a paper passer is perfect for a student who needs a movement break. This job chart offers a variety of options, signs to display, and editable cards to customize for your needs.

boho rainbow classroom herlpers job chart

Name & Table Tags

Sticky name tags drive me bonkers, but they are much needed. I like to laminate and NOT tape them to the table. Then if I need to move seats, it’s an easy fix. We just take them out and use them as needed. There are so many options to customize in this goody. I also love to number my tables for simple tasks such as bathroom, snack, and lining up. It makes it a lot easier to run a smooth classroom.

Labels & Toolkits

Environmental print is also a great thing to have around the room. I label anything I can. It helps the classroom organization and puts print all over my room. I have labeled things such as centers; writing, reading, math, library, and more. I also had many requests for tool kit labels. You can see two options here. Some people wanted just the image. Personally, I would want to know what was in each drawer. You can do this by adding text in the editable PowerPoint.

Classroom Rules

We all have our own set of rules to use in the classroom. I know some teachers like to create the rules with the students. I have included my 4 favorite rules, I like to keep it simple. In addition, you can type your own in PowerPoint.

boho rainbow classroom theme rules posters

Kindness Posters

In addition to the rules, I like to spread a little kindness around the room. I put these posters in picture frames and place them in centers or open spaces as a friendly reminder of how to be a better person.

Meet the Teacher

If you want to try out the colors for this boho rainbow classroom theme and see how they print, you can grab this fun meet the teacher sign for free. It’s perfect for Open House and Conferences.

free boho rainbow "meet the teacher" sign

Binder Covers

If you want it ALL, you will save a lot of money by buying the bundle. In addition, you will score these binder covers as a fun bonus.

boho rainbow classroom theme binder covers

Make your room beautiful with this Soft Calm Boho Rainbow Classroom Theme Bundle.

Here is what other teachers had to say about this bundle:

“I love this decor pack it is what is in my room right now and I don’t plan on changing it. It is so bright and happy I love it!!”

“My co-teacher and I love this resource! We have used every product in this bundle to make our classroom a beautiful home for our students! The students love the soft calming colors and we excited to come to class each day!”

“I was hesitant about spending money on a bundle, but I am SO glad I did. This bundle has EVERYTHING you could ever need. It is so cute and has so many options. BUY IT RIGHT NOW! Thank you to the creator..“

“I love this bundle. I am so happy I purchased it. It has everything you need to decorate your classroom and more! It is easy to use and the colors and rainbows are just perfect. I love creating my own decor using the templates. Thank you!”

“This is stunning! Absolutely beautiful. Everything you could possibly need…and much more. Easy to use and simple to edit. Links to fonts that match included. I am so impressed.”

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