School Supply Obsession

I’m really looking forward to this school year!  After the first grade conference and the TPT conference my brain is on overload.  I can’t seem to turn it off and I am constantly thinking and creating.  One of my favorite things is finding a good deal and finding things that will update and refresh my classroom. 

Ok  so first things first.  I went to Meijers the other day and saw these HUGE erasers.  I am obsessed with erasers for my firsties.  I wanted to buy 23 but had to budget myself to 10, 2 per table group.  For some reason it seems like they eat the erasers off the pencils and then the smaller ones just fall apart.  I will let you know how these work out but I plan to put two in each tray on their tables. FYI this picture does not do the erasers justice.  They are the size of an iphone!

School Supply Obsession - First Grade Roars!

Next, I found these colorful pens.  I love that they are not just red. I always comment on my children’s work and for some reason, I avoid red. Anyone else do that?
The animal print pens were a must buy because my classroom is a jungle theme!!

At the 1st grade conference and TPT conference I had the pleasure of seeing Cara Carroll a couple of times.  The “Back to School” presentation was awesome.  Many things I already do since I have been teaching 16 years but it is always nice to get a refresher and remind yourself, as well as gain new ideas.  One idea she shared that she found on Pinterest was using a dish drying tray for your desk as a file organizer.  I wish I knew who actually came up with that genius idea, I would thank them!! Anyway I had to buy one.  I’m going to use it for my student folders.  Then I got to thinking that it would be fun to have the children actually decorate their own file folders.  What a great activity for morning work on one of the first few days of school.  I hate giving them paper work or things that not everyone can do.   I know everyone can color and decorate their folder.  I will probably do that on the second day of school!

Speaking of Cara Carroll, I just recently came across her Fluency Packet.  I am obsessed with this idea and I can’t wait to buy the entire thing and put it together!  I know my kids will love Rocking out their fluency!  Check out this link below to her blog and description of it.  I have been trying to gather fun things for the kids to speak into and I found these microphones in the birthday party aisle at Target for $1.00!  Yes only a dollar.  I bought 4.    I also found these fun monster finger puppets at Target too.  I am going to give them to the kids for their book bins as a pointer puppet when doing read to self or read to someone!
While I was shopping in the birthday aisle at Meijers, I came across these birthday glasses.  I bought a couple pair to use for birthdays this year.  How fun will it be for the children to wear them.  I really like them because they are easy to clean and disinfect!

Happy Birthday Glasses

Mollie was caught testing out my goodies this afternoon!
Folders, folders, folders!  Can you ever have enough?  I’m sure all of you use them!  My favorite colors are yellow and orange so when I found these orange folders I had to get 30.  I will have to go back and get more because the limit was 30.  I use them for writing, individualized instruction, or as we call it CORE +.  Do you have a folder obsession?

Finally, when I was leaving Target I found this I-phone cover.  I know it is a bit crazy but it is perfect  for me.  I officially became the COOLEST MOM with this fancy thing! It is yellow and orange, my favorite colors, and I know my baby girl Charlie is going to love it!!

 I would love to see and hear about some your your favorite back to school finds!


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