Camp “Spook”tacular!

Every year our first grade does a camping day in October.  In the past I always did a whole week of camping stories and then ended with our fun day of camping.  I love doing it but I felt like there were so many other things I wanted to do in October I couldn’t spend a whole week on camping.  I really wanted to do my camping unit at the end of the year.  So this year I decided to only do a camping day on Friday and make it around Halloween.  I put together this free packet.  You could you it for any day not just a camping day.  My incredible teammate takes all the first graders at the end of the day and sings songs.  They just love it.  During the day we sat around the campfire and did these “spook”tacular activities.  Of course we ended the day with s’mores!  Super fun day!!!
Enjoy this freebie!
Camp "Spook"tacular! - First Grade Roars!
This packet is free at my TPT store!  Just click and download!
Here are some photos of our fun day!
The ghost alone created a fun and exciting mood for my students as they walked in that morning!
Books and cubbies set up and ready to go!

Working by the campfire!

My incredible janitor allowed us to use these fire  pits.  They ran much like a fan.  I just added a little tissue paper around it to make it look spooky!

This spooktacular craft is part of my Halloween Packet!



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