Weekly Winner Wednesday: Owls

Weekly Winner Wednesday: Owls - First Grade Roars!

How would you like to win a free packet?  I will be starting a new daily themed blog post beginning today.  Every Wednesday you will have the opportunity to win what we will be doing in our classroom that week.  Just submit through Rafflecopter and the winner will be drawn on Friday!

This week we will be working in my Owl Packet.  It has recently been updated and I am very pleased with the final product.  We had conferences on Monday and Tuesday so I’m looking forward to starting our week tomorrow.  Stay tuned for pictures from our week on Sunday’s blog.  Here are a few previews of the Owl Packet you can enter to win!

Today we will be dissecting owl pellets with our first graders and I can’t wait to see their excitement! We are going to have a wonderful time!

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