Bubble Day!

Bubble Day! - First Grade Roars!
Today was nothing short of fun for my first graders.  Not only did we have our end of the year picnic/party at lunch time but it was also Bubble Day!!!  
We began our day by looking at some fun Reading A-Z Bubble books.  They are really funny to share with the children and they are projectable to the SMART board.  This leads up to writing our own bubble stories.  
Check out a few of our examples…
I thought they turned out so cute.
After we wrote our own bubble stories, I read “The Bubble Factory” by Tomie DePoala.  It is such a cute story about two twins who invent wish bubbles.  We worked hard to make up our own 5 wishes. Then we made up our own bubble solution.  
After that it was time for our party.  We even had bubbles at our party.
As you can tell they were not having ANY fun!!!
After our picnic we began an Informative writing called, “How to Blow a Bubble”.  We went through the process of blowing a bubble with gum.  The children LOVED this part.  We did our prewriting and then worked on our writing.  Once we finished we made our little people blowing bubbles.  They turned out great.
Next was our bubble gum blowing contest.  They had a blast…lots of laughing.

Check out my niece… She won for the largest bubble…
(super fun getting to teach your own niece!)
Last but not least is was bubble experimenting time.  Outside we went.  My amazing parents donated bubbles so each child was able to have their own.  

We had a lot of fun… 
If you would like to do a bubble day, check this resource out!


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