Monkey Madness

This week was filled with a lot of Monkey business.  My first graders LOVED all of the stories we read and the activities. 
Monkey Madness - First Grade Roars!

We started off the week with the original version of the 5 Monkeys.  We painted pajamas using water colors and did a tear project for the head, ears, and face.  I just love how different each of them look!

These activities were from Five Little Monkeys Wash a Car!  We had fun painting our cars and pretending we were Mama, telling those monkeys to stay away from the crocodile!

We Loved the “Hide and Seek” version.  We worked on informative writing with our “how to” play hide and seek!!
“Reading in Bed” is super fun to read to the kids.  Many different voice changes!  We made monkeys with our favorite book titles on them!!!

We ended the week with “Bake a Birthday Cake!”  We made two cakes today.  The children ALL helped measure, mix and pour the cake into pans.  Then we wrote another informative piece on how to make a cake.  Of course we had to eat them too!  They were delicious.  For fun we made paper birthday cakes and wrote about our own birthdays!!
We couldn’t have asked for a more fun filled week!!!
Last but not least!  Here is a picture of my baby girl.  She was born with Down Syndrome.  Today is Down Syndrome Awareness Day because it is 3/21.  Children with Down Syndrome have 3- Chromosome 21.  She is the most amazing gift I have ever been given, along with my 10 year old triplets.  We all love and adore her and thank god every day for this beautiful blessing! 
Oatmeal face!!!!
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Bundled Unit
Five Monkey Bundle-TPT

These are the individual units offered too!!!


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