Pumpkin Pie in a Cup

Pumpkin pie in a cup was an idea that came to me last year when we were planning our annual turkey soup Thanksgiving feast.  After talking with my teammates, we realized we were making this soup and no one was eating it. So I thought it would be fun to make something with the kids.  Sometimes when they are part of the creating, they are more willing to try it.  So with the idea in my head, I began to experiment with the ingredients.  This is what I purchased at the store.
Next, I just measured and tested.  Nothing went to waste as I have 7 kids who were vey willing participants with the tasting portion that is.  However, one little helper wanted in on the action.
Charlie and I love to bake. It helps that her sitter loves to bake too.  She is always helping out. Here is a photo of the finished product.  Believe me when I tell you, it is really yummy.
The day before we completed this at school, I made sure to have all of my goodies prepped.  There is a donation sign up sheet that I sent home so I didn’t have to purchase anything.  I am so grateful to work where my parents are willing to help out with fun things like this.
Before we begin the process, we predict if we think we will like it and survey 10 classmates.
You could do this activity in many ways but I thought whole group was the best option for first grade.  I moved my table in front of all of their tables and we made it together.  They sat at their seat and one volunteer at a time, read from the mini book. Once we knew what to add, I would have a student come up to do it.  I tripled the recipe last year so three students added one ingredient and then I had a mixer.  This allowed everyone to help.  Here are a few photos.
Once the ingredients are all added, I passed out baggies and graham crackers.  The students crushed up their crackers and put them in their cup.  WARNING: This is a little messy but they LOVE IT!
Once they have their crackers in their cup, I go around and poor the filing in the cups. Finally, I add a little whipping cream on top.  Now we are ready to eat. (THE BEST PART)
I think about 90 percent of the kiddos liked it.  When we were all done eating, we surveyed and graphed our results. Then we made these fun crafts and added them to our door.
This was so much fun and the students learned  while we were making it.  There are math extensions as well as a writing activity that we completed too, later in the day.  If you are looking for a fun little activity to do in October or November, this is it!


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  • How many students do you have in your classroom? How many cups did this make?


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