Comprehension CRAZY!

Comprehension CRAZY! - First Grade Roars!

I have been teaching for over 17 years and I am still trying to figure things out, can anyone relate?  I guess that is education…ALWAYS CHANGING.  One area I have wanted to tie together more was my large group and small group guided reading. First grade is CRAZY with all of the different reading levels and I didn’t feel like making 100 different lesson plans each week.  So I began what I am going to call my LABOR of LOVE.  I can not wait to fully implement this in the next teaching year.  I have begun to use it with a few students but I know it will be amazing for my whole class and it will ease my lesson planning.

I began by creating all of the comprehension strategies that are important for my first graders to learn.    I wanted both fiction and non-fiction.  I created posters for each strategy.  Here is a picture of just a few of the 45 I came up with!

After I created the strategies, I wanted the worksheets to teach them.  I tried to make a variety of each some with coloring and labeling and some with writing.  This will allow me to meet the needs of all of my students. 
Next, I wanted some accountability and record keeping from my class.  I made a checklist that I will keep in each child’s folder. 
Then I made little I can cards.  At my school the kindergarten students do skill rings.  I thought it would be nice to continue on with my first graders.  These cards are made black and white.  Once the students learn the skill in whole group and master it in small group, they will color and add it to their ring.  I thought I would have them explain the skill on the back of the card.  For my lower students, I would write what they tell me. 
Finally, I wanted to make I can statements to be displayed in my room while we are learning that strategy.  
To organize all of this, I put my stuff in a binder.  
I am really proud of this product and I can’t wait to fully implement it.  It is 200+ pages prepped and ready to go!  

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