SEL Curriculum: Social Emotional Learning Activities for Elementary Students

I know your time is limited as a teacher, but social emotional learning and character education are so important! That is why I created an SEL curriculum with low prep, easy-to-use, social emotional learning activities for elementary students. It is the perfect way to start your day for a morning meeting or daily lesson! In this growing bundle, students will work on self-awareness skills, relationship skills, social awareness skills, responsible decision-making, and self-management skills. It addresses all 5 of the areas in the CASEL Framework.

social emotional learning activities for elementary

This unique SEL curriculum is like no other. Each week begins with an adventure to a new town. The name of the town is the focus skill for the week. The first slide introduces the town and lets the students know a little bit about what they will be working on. Then, they are on their way to learning new skills to be kind, respectful, and confident students.

Each week these social emotional learning activities for elementary students feature children’s books that can be integrated daily or just on the first day. I have picked one featured text per week due to time restraints, but there are several more also included. You can check out my SEL book suggestions here. I also include a listening link for a YouTube video version of these SEL read alouds within each of the lesson slides as well.

SEL read alouds

Throughout the week, a little bit more about each town is introduced. There are some interactive slides to review and discuss as well as problems and scenarios that arise that help make great discussion points. You can do these all together and or have the children work on them too.

There are sometimes small printable activities you can complete as well. These could be done for practice, review or sent home as an extension of the days lesson.

On the last day, students review the skills. They read the town “Community Pledge” and sign it if you wish to have them do so. There is a parent-connect letter that can be sent home so parents can follow through with skills being taught in the classroom.

Finally, each lesson ends with a stamp in their passport. This comes in both a color and black and white version. The fun thing about this SEL curriculum is that you can teach all the lessons and visit all the towns, or you can pick and choose what your class needs. If you would rather not do the stamp and passport, you could give them a tag to put on a chain as well or just a completion tag.

social emotional learning curriculum for K-2 passport

I have also included some visual sorts that you could use to display in the class and complete together. They would also make great review activities in morning tubs or centers.

Did I mention that these social emotional learning activities for elementary are ready to go for you with little to no prep? There is a weekly lesson plan sheet along with a ”We Can” poster you can display. Each day you begin the lesson by projecting the Google Slides to guide your instruction. If you choose to do the paper pencil activity and passport, you will need to print those for the week and that is it. The planning is done for you!

SEL curriculum elementary lesson plans

Don’t miss out on the adventures around town that help your students become better humans!

social emotional curriculum

This is a growing bundle, and 2-3 units will be added each week until it is complete. You can grab these social emotional learning activities for elementary here at a great discount now before it is full price.

This is what one buyer had to say about this SEL Curriculum:

“This is a great product. I love that this product just like all your other ones has enough scaffolding to support first graders, but still has challenging/thought provoking content to take them farther.”

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