Right to Read Week K-1

Right to Read week is my very favorite week of the year!  Who doesn’t LOVE a little Dr. Seuss?  We always celebrate by doing something different each day of the week.  This year we are going to spend a week and a half just to keep the fun going!   Here are a few of the fun things we do!
We read, “The Cat in the Hat” and all the kids wear hats on that day.  We do fun graphing and comparing and contrasting with their hats.  You could do homemade hats or just wear your favorite hat.  I have a freebie to help you get a few ideas!
Right to Read Week K-1 - First Grade Roars!
We also celebrate with a little cupcake treat!  
Last year I made these signs and we were Students 1-25.  I was Teacher 1.  The kids loved it!  We also made fun headbands with red paper and light blue strips of paper.
Next we read “Green Eggs and Ham”.  Of course we have another yummy treat for this fun day!  Super easy and my favorite!
We also taste test the eggs and write about them!
I took their pictures and we made a class pictograph!
Our finished writing!
Grab this fun freebie below!
Wacky Wednesday is always so much fun!  We dress a little wacky and write about a wacky day!
We also learn backwards that day.  We start with our end of the day and work towards the beginning of the day for a fun little twist.
Next up is “Fox in Socks”: Crazy Sock Day!
We wear our crazy socks and stay in sock feet ALL day!! 
Also we do some fun graphing, comparing, and contrasting!
In the end we watercolor some crazy socks!  So much fun!
Feeling sleepy yet?  We end our unit with “The Sleep Book”.
I’m sure you guessed it, we wear our pajamas to school and do many pajama day fun activities.
We do centers the entire day!  It is so much fun!  We even bring our stuffed animals along with us for some fun Dr. Seuss reading!
A sample writing mini booklet we make!
I’m really looking forward to another fun week and a half full of activities.  This year we are wearing stars and stripes for “The Sneetches” and playing a Sneetch game.  We are also making elephant headbands for both “Horton” books!   
I hope you were able to get a few fun ideas here to add to your week filled with Dr. Seuss fun.  
For more activities, check out my Right to Read Packet
As always, thanks for stopping by!  


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