French Lick Teacher/Blogger Retreat 2016

This year I was so excited to attend the French Lick Meet-Up.  After seeing all of the amazing pictures last year, I wanted to be part of the fun.  It turned out that two of my co-workers were also going so we went together.  It was a 5 1/2 hour drive but it went by faster than I thought, we had a lot to catch up on.  Here are 5 of my favorite parts of the weekend!

I knew I was staying with Kayla and Hannah but I did not know my other roommates.  We ended up getting there at the same time and we immediately hit it off.  We stayed with Jessie and Ashley from the  Red Sister Squad.  They were so nice and it was like we knew them forever.  We had so much fun and I gained two amazing new friends!
French Lick Teacher/Blogger Retreat 2016 - First Grade Roars!

Saturday afternoon was filled with sharing.  We all met one another through a fun activity that spelled out our theme “Take your passion and make it happen.”  I HATE getting in front of other adults and I tend to be on the shy side but I forced myself to volunteer to share our group.  We kind of broke the rule and Hannah came up too!  I was pretty proud of myself for going outside of my comfort zone.
After that we had our teacher swap.  I loved being able to have time with other first grade teachers and seeing everyone’s favorite teaching tools!  I was so lucky to receive a bag full of items.  I LOVE my new water bottle and have been using it everyday!

Next we had some fun sessions to attend.  I thought they all were amazing and I love learning new things.  
Finally it was raffle and freebie time!  I was so lucky to be part of the group who received new pencil sharpeners.  I’m looking forward to using that in my first grade classroom!
There were endless freebies from many sponsors.  We were so lucky!
Check them out below.
#3 80’s PARTY
Who doesn’t love a good party, especially 80’s style.  We had a blast getting ready.  The photo booth and flash mob were my favorite parts!

You can never have enough friends and supporters.  It was so amazing to meet people from all over the country.  Everyone was so nice and I made some new amazing friends. 
As a mom of 7 children you don’t get a lot of time for yourself.  This weekend offered me the opportunity to step away from my super busy life and spend some “me” time.  It also made me miss my family like CRAZY and appreciate them even more.  It was especially hard to be away from Charlie because she is so little yet.  FaceTiming her was great but by Sunday I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her.  Luckily she was in the great care of my amazing husband.  Now we just need to work on him doing her hair! YIKES!!

Thanks for a great blogger meet up Holly Ehle!  
and everyone else who helped plan and organize the event!

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