5 Fun Holiday Crafts for the Classroom & a Freebie

5 holiday crafts for the classroom

Are you looking for some fun and simple holiday crafts for the classroom? Here are 5 fun crafts that you can use with step-by-step instructions. I chose a variety of Christmas crafts and snow crafts in case you can’t celebrate the holidays.

Christmas Tree Canvas Craft

Christmas tree canvas holiday craft for the classroom

I have been doing this holiday craft for years.  I will be honest, I have used wood that my husband had to cut, and tiles that I purchased at the hardware store in the past. This year I am using these skinny canvases I bought through Amazon. They aren’t breakable and I was able to purchase them for less than a dollar per canvas.  

For this Christmas tree canvas craft you need:

Here is how to do this project:

Christmas tree canvas craft for kids

First, you have students cut their strips in order and lay out their designs next to their canvas. I have three different containers of paper: red and green, green, and wood. 

Christmas tree canvas craft for students

Once they have their design, they will paint Modge Podge on the entire canvas. Then they will lay one piece of paper at a time and Modge Podge over the paper. Don’t worry, Modge Podge dries clear. Finally, you will attach the wooden starwith an extra dab of glue. 

Christmas tree canvas holiday craft

These Christmas tree canvas crafts always turn out so cute every year, and this time I won’t have to worry about breaking them!

Snowman Banner Craft

snowman banner holiday craft for the classroom

Another one of my fun holiday crafts for the classroom is this snowman craft. You can see the materials are almost the same here as the Christmas tree canvas craft above. You could trade out the banner for the canvas and vice versa.

For this craft you will need:

  • wooden banners
  • scrapbooking paper (whites with a variety of other colors)
  • glitter
  • Sharpies
  • white pom poms 1/2 inch size (optional)

To create this craft, you start with white paper. You can see here that I used 41/2 by 41/2 sized paper. I turned it over and was able to sketch 2 snowmen on the back. Once they have the sketch, they can cut out the snowman. This craft is done just like the one above. First, students Modge Podge the banner, Then they lay the snowman on top and Modge Podge again. I pre-cut orange triangles from scrapbooking paper and put out other colors so they can add accessories. The nice thing about scrapbooking paper is that the back side is usually white so they can draw before cutting. Once everything is on, I just sprinkled silver glitter over it and let it dry.  

These banners came with string to hang them. I think they would look so cute hanging on a door or on a knob in the kitchen. Once they are dry, students can add arms and details with a sharpie marker. 

snowman banner craft for kids

Reindeer Ornaments

This year we are trying these reindeer ornaments as a new addition to my holiday crafts for the classroom. We will do this on my reindeer theme day as a fun little extra gift to our parents.  reindeer ornament craft for students

Here is what you need for this fun reindeer ornament: 

directions for reindeer ornament craft for kids

I pre-cut my pipe cleaners. Each child will need 4. Have them bend 2 of them together to make an antler. 

personalized reindeer ornament craft for students

The first thing I will have the students do is put their name and year on the back. Then, they will design a reindeer face with a sharpie. Finally, they will dab their finger in red paint to make the nose. reindeer ornament craft for kids

After the nose dries, which doesn’t take long at all, add the string. Then, I placed wax paper on the table, flipped mine over, and attached the antlers with Elmer’s glue. If you want to speed up the process, a glue gun would attach them quickly and there would be less waiting. 

reindeer ornament holiday craft for the classroom

This is an adorable keepsake for the tree that they can see year after year.

Snowman Socks

I have been doing this fun craft for years. It is a great project to do one-on-one or with parent volunteers. It does take some time and adult help. Last year I invited parents to bring their glue guns in and come help. We made these for our classroom ledge in January and February and then I sent them home. Parents love to help and this is an easy way to get them involved. 

snowman socks holiday craft for the classroom

Here is what you will need for this project: 

All of the accessories are optional and can be switched out. This is just what I offer to my students. snowman sock craft for kids

Here is the procedure I use for this Snowman Sock project:

Step 1: Turn the sock inside out. It looks fuzzier that way.

Step 2: Fill the sock with approx. 1 cup of beans or rice

Step 3: Fill the sock with 3 handfuls of batting

Step 4: Tie a scarf two-thirds of the way upsnowman sock craft for the classroom

Step 5: Tie a rubber band around the top of the sock

Step 6: Flip the top of the sock over to form a hat

Step 7: Accessorize! I usually have students pick out what they want and then have an adult glue it all on. On the bottom, I use a sharpie marker to write their name. student snowman sock craft

Student Snow Globe Ornament

student snow globe holiday craft for the classroom

The last of the holiday crafts for the classroom is a student snow globe ornament. The ornament says “I heart you SNOW much”. I took pictures of my students holding their hands out.

For this student snow globe ornament craft you will need:

  • the snow globe template
  • pictures of kids
  • a sharpie marker
  • fake snow
  • hole punch
  • string
  • laminationstudent snow globe ornament

Here is how you do this fun project! First, have your students pick out what color base they want. Then have them write their name and year on the back. Next, open the laminating sheet and place their picture and base together on the sheet. I suggest having an adult cut out the picture. Then, sprinkle the fake snow over their picture. Once it is all set, close the sheet and laminate it. 

I have included a tracer that I place behind the lamination to help cut it out. Finally, hole punch it at the top and add whatever string you would like to use. Grab this goodie here!free student snowflake craft template

I can’t wait to make these fun holiday crafts in the classroom! Find all the materials you need right here at this affiliate link

These 5 fun holiday crafts are so much fun to. make in the classroom and made wonderful Christmas gifts for their families. Learn how to make two different snowman crafts, a reindeer ornament, a Christmas tree craft and grab a snow globe ornament freebie.

Please note some of the links included are affiliate links.


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  • Thank you for offering such fun crafts! I appreciate that you don’t make us jump through a hundred hoops to reach the templates. Happy Holidays!


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