Peanut Butter & Cupcake

Have you read the new story by Terry Border, “Peanut Butter & Cupcake”?

Peanut Butter & Cupcake - First Grade Roars!

It is so cute.  I am going to use it in my classroom during friendship week.  We do friendship stories the 2nd week of school.  The pictures are amazing and the story has a lot of laughter and a good message.  Last week I decided to invite a few former first graders, soon to be second graders over to my house to test out the activities I made for this story.  I was missing them and couldn’t wait to share this adorable story with them. My husband was not interested!!!  So I had a small group come over and we had so much fun!  They loved the story too!

We began with some predicting and discussion about peanut butter!  We collected data and graphed. Then we read the story!

Next we discussed why the author named the story “Peanut Butter & Cupcake” instead of Jelly.  The children had some great ideas.  Then we worked on some comprehension activities.

Then we had to have a treat.  I was going to make peanut butter and jelly but I thought more children would like cupcakes and I wasn’t sure exactly about the peanut butter allergy!   So we had cupcakes!
After that we made a peanut butter and jelly craft.  It always amazes me how much more creative the children! They had their own ideas of how do make them and I told them to go for it!

We always used recycling bins in the classroom so they asked for them. I had to find some large bowls at home quickly!  

She wanted her peanut butter and jelly to have a bite out of it and she glued them together!  So cute!

These two looked more like mine!

A sample of the whole group!

Finally we had some early finishers so a few girls went and worked on a character senses activity and a lot of them began a writing activity.

This was her prewriting for How to Make a PB  & J.

By the time it was almost over, Charlie had woken up.  She stood the show and the kids ended by playing a few games with her!  We had a great afternoon and I got to see some of my favorite kiddos!

Here is the link to the packet I used!
Enter to win this fun packet! 3 winners will be picked on Sunday July 12th!!

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