Laura Numeroff Fun!

We had a great week reading Laura Numeroff’s stories and completing the activities I created.  I have to say our bellies are full as we had a different treat each day to work on graphing, tallying and surveying.  I didn’t post my products until after I used them which I have been trying to do lately.  It helps you work out the kinks and figure out what works and doesn’t work.  You can always learn from your own teaching right?
We started with “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie”.  Originally I was going to make cookies but then I realized I was crazy, I have 7 kids and no time!  So instead I decided I would bake twice and buy the rest.  So I bought 3 different kinds of cookies, chocolate chip, oatmeal, and sugar.  When I was making the packet, I knew I wanted to do the sugar and chocolate chip but couldn’t decide on the third.  I don’t know why I felt I needed 3 different cookies.  After teaching this, I changed my packet to 2.  You will see in the examples that the children only picked my first two.  They ran out of room to do their picture graph and I ended up with an entire package of oatmeal raison cookies.  I don’t think my staff was complaining but this motivated me to make the change and only do two.  It will give my students more room and less cookies for me to get rid of and buy!  We had a lot of fun with this and I was impressed with how they did doing the circle story retell.  I was a bit nervous using words and pictures but it is the 3rd quarter and most of my students are becoming fluent readers.  If I am ever unsure, we do them in groups anyways which allows collaboration and help with the reading!  
Laura Numeroff Fun! - First Grade Roars!

You can see how chocolate chip was overflowing!  That is why I fixed it up!
We had more fun writing about our favorite kind of cookies and making our crafts.  I think they turned out pretty cute!

We worked together on our circle story retellings.
Next we were onto the story, “If you Give a Moose a Muffin”.
I used the store bought muffins again to complete this activity.  I  changed this one too!  Instead of having 3 choices, I moved it down to 2!  
Check out our cute Moose!
We worked on syllables!

Predicting and Text to Self

blueberry, chocolate chip, and banana

We tasted 2 out of the 3 muffins.  Then we had to pick our favorite.  After we chose our favorite we did a tally graph, bar graph and a picture graph.  As you can clearly see we had too many chocolate chip takers and not enough space!

 The last part of our day is writing.  We created our own muffin inventions.  These are just pictures of a few covers.  They were able to design their cover last.  I thought they turned out pretty cute and were very creative.

Invent a muffin.

 You can see all three pieces, the prewriting, writing, and the cover page.  They have checks on their pre-writing because as they write they check off what they have used.

Muffin Writing

In the middle of the week we did some cooking in class. This is our long day so we completed two stories on this day, “If you Give a Pig a Pancake” and “If you Give a Pig a Party”.  

When I got to school on Wednesday, I began making pancakes right away.  I wanted to get a head start before the children arrived.  The children began the day by making their pig and a pancake.  Once they finished, they came up to the pancake station and chose what they wanted on their pancakes.  They could have butter, powdered sugar, and syrup.  They could have 1, 2, or all 3!  The building smelled amazing and it definitely got the children a little excited when they came to class.

Here are a few of our finished pigs!
Pancake time was next.
Here is a picture of how I kept them warm.  I just stacked the plates as they were finished.  I have to admit it was EXTREMELY hard to resist these pancakes but I’m on a mission to get rid of the rest of this pregnancy weight!  She is only 19mths. old, I’m not sure what is taking me so long! LOL.

After pancakes we went right onto our graphing activity.  We completed this one a little differently.  We only asked 5 friends.  They LOVE getting out of their seats and meeting with other children.  Movement breaks are great! We put 5 circles on our paper to make sure we didn’t go over.  Here is an example of this activity.
Next we completed a different activity than the days before.  We did story plot and character senses.  The children worked in groups to complete these activities.
The afternoon was all about the Pig and Her Party!  We made cute party pigs using scrapbook paper but that is not necessary.  Then we completed a Party planning writing activity.  They LOVED this activity and they turned out adorable!
Here are some of our party pigs!  I love the “winking” pig.

On Thursday we did “If you Give a Cat a Cupcake”.  On this day I made cupcakes, white or chocolate.  By this time I had figured out to change my graph to 2 instead of 3.  They loved the cupcake treats.

Our last day today was “If you Give a Dog a Donut”.  
We spent the morning reading and doing our same activities.  Of course we had to try the donuts.  The kids are so creative with their art.  Some children took a bite out of their donuts.  One student put the donut in his mouth.  For the sprinkles I used leftover paper from the binding machines.  If you have any in your building, snag the crumbs!  They are perfect for binding.

In the afternoon we decided to create our own versions of Laura Numeroff stories.  They are so fun to read!  I would love to send them to Laura Numeroff, maybe they would inspire her next story!
I hope you enjoyed seeing our week at a glance.  If you would like to enter to win this bundle follow the directions below.
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Thank you for your support and for reading this lengthy post! 
Good Luck!
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