Election Day!

We are getting excited about our upcoming election with Freddy and Oscar.
We have registered to vote and we have been voting daily with the goodies in my packet.  We are using to votes to practice writing number stories.  It has been fun to integrate math into the election process.  Here is a preview of how our voting is set up!
Election Day! - First Grade Roars!
Voting Table!

Ballot Box!

Our Class mascot candidates Freddy and Oscar (aka build a bear animals!)

Every morning I set up the booths.  As they come in they make their vote and put it in the box!

Before we voted, we all had to register! 

Here is a preview of my Election Unit.  It is very comprehensive and has 4 cute crafts!  My first graders are enjoying it already!
Enjoy this Grace for President Freebie!


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