Elf Fun-Day 1

Today we began our elf activities that focus on something a little different from the average elf.  Our classroom elf arrived with specific directions to promote kindness, caring, appreciation and sharing.  This was the letter that she left. 
Elf Fun-Day 1 - First Grade Roars!
She was hiding up in a tree in our reading center.  Of course the children spotted her pretty quickly and were extremely excited.  Today’s task was to thank one of the most important people in our school, the principal.  We all signed a card for him and were all lined up to head to his office when he just happened to be stopping by to visit our room.  We welcomed him in and thanked him for all that he does.  We took a picture together and completed our first good deed.
Here is our elf hiding up in the tree!
We are looking forward to finding our elf tomorrow and seeing what we have to do!!!
We will also be giving her a name tomorrow.  I had a student go home sick and he was very sad to miss that part so I told him I would wait.
Here is a link to my packet on TPT store.


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