Family & Grandparent’s Day

Family & Grandparent's Day - First Grade Roars!
Last week was our unit on family with Grandparents being a huge focus.  We had a big event coming up to get ready for, Grandparent’s Day!   We started off with a fun story called “Weird Parents” by Wood. This story is so funny and I can totally relate… Me being the weird parent of course.  We focused on text to self since it was all about the family.  We were able to make a lot of connections throughout the week.  Our vocabulary words were siblings, relative, and grandparent.  It was interesting to hear my students explain these words. They were amazing of course!  
We made these adorable family portraits.  Each one is so different and fun.  If my own children had made them, I may have framed them.  They take some time but are well worth it.  
Check out my family goodies below.
Ok, if you haven’t read these Jean Reagan stories, you must. They are hilarious!  We used both versions to teach text to self.  The children were able to make wonderful connections and share their stories with their grandparents.  Of course, I was able to reminisce about my own which I love.  I just wish they were still here!
Check out these Grandmas and Grandpas!  I love the mustache.
We made cute little goodies for our grandparents all week.  This year I got smart with a few things.  We rolled up our goodies and tied them with a bow.  Since we eat lunch with our grandparents, it kept all of the food off of everything.  When lunch was over, they unrolled them and they were food free!
We used the All About Grandparents to make a slide show for them.  I collected all of their answers and put them on 6 different slides.  This is what I read to the grandparents.  My favorite this year was, Grandparents always…wear clothes!  Right out of the mouth of first graders. 
Grab all of these grandparent goodies in my bundle.
 This year the grandparents came in and my plan was to talk and do our thing first but they all started eating so I went with it!  As they ate lunch, I took pictures and chatted with a few.  When they were done, I did the slide show and the children sang them two songs we learned.  After that, they opened their goodies.  It was perfect!
We also spent the week working on the short o sound. Many of our activities can now be moved to the word work station because we have learned them and Daily 5 is up and running! Woohoo!!!


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