Reading Comprehension Strategies One Song at a Time

Are you ready to reach all of your learners and build their reading comprehension strategies?  Reading comprehension was always a struggle for me as a child. I didn’t want that for my students. One way I decided to help them was through music, so I created reading comprehension songs.

reading comprehension songs

In my classroom we focus on one strategy a week, and build off of them through a program I created Guided Reading with a Purpose. I have used this program for 4 years and I honestly can’t say enough about it. Last summer I wanted to find another avenue to really focus on those strategies, so I began writing reading comprehension songs.

Since I wasn’t blessed with the most beautiful voice, I hired someone to sing them for my class. He not only sings them, but he added the music as well. We were up and running by September and it was AMAZING. My students loved having the audio and so did I. Let me share with you all the ways we used these in my room.

Reading Comprehension Songs & Marble Composition Book

On the first day of the week, after the strategy was introduced, we learned our new song. First, we glued the half-sheet copy of the song into our marble composition book. Once we had that glued in, I played the audio for them. We listened to it a few times that day.

marble composition book with reading comprehension songs

As the week progresses, we open the composition book up every morning to sing and review our strategy.  This might be one of their favorite parts of the day.

Small Group Instruction

The learning doesn’t end there. I have also included comprehension worksheets to go along with the skills. We use these worksheets during small group instruction and sometimes in large group reading instruction.

reading comprehension songs with worksheets

Fluency in Literacy Centers

I also create 3 binders filled with the songs. I put these binders in my classroom library. If they can sing the songs, they can read them. They love to sing to themselves or with a partner during literacy centers using the binders.

reading comprehension songs in binders for classroom library

Comprehension Posters

I also created posters to hang in the room all year or when you are focusing on the strategy. I have mine displayed in the front of the room. Each time we learn a strategy, it goes up and we keep it there all year to review.

classroom posters with reading comprehension songs

Remember that marble composition book, we use that to review our songs too. If we have a few extra minutes, I choose a student to pick a song and we sing it. It is great for fast finishers, and brain breaks too. We love to get them out and sing!

Last year when we went to distance learning, I was able to play these audio files and they could sing away at home too. It was great to have to reinforce what we were learning.


Once you start singing, you won’t be able to get them out of your head!

If you would like to check out these reading comprehension songs, I have created one entire goodie for you for FREE. The Check for Understanding bundle is yours, just click here.

All of the reading comprehension songs I use in my first grade classroom are also bundled together HERE.

reading comprehension songs bundle


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  • Thank you! I purchased your bundle and was wondering if you had an order to which you teach the strategies? I love the resource, thank you so much!


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