Fairy Tales for First Grade

These fairy tales for First Grade include book suggestions as well as printable kid-friendly versions of classic fairy tales.

Fairy tales are just magical. They remind me of my childhood. When I was a little girl, my grandma used to tell me fairy tales before bedtime. She never had a book they were just told from her memory. Talk about a life lesson in visualizing. I would imagine the stories while she told them. Of course, I had to carry that memory on with my own children and they loved it. In the early spring, I love to share fairy tale stories with my students. I always start with my unit which focuses on Element Three. We read stories that only have the number three in them for the first week.

fairy tales for first grade with the element of three

Before reading a fairy tale to your students, I highly encourage you to read them first. Some stories can be a tad scary. I focus on three stories for the week – The Three Little Pigs, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. You can see the list of fairy tale books I recommend in my Amazon Store. I have also written my own versions to make sure they are not scary and appropriate for children.

After reading the fairy tale, we work on summarizing. We focus on characters, setting, problem, solutions, and retelling the important parts of the story. I use these colorful posters to display on a pocket chart.

Here is an example of Goldilocks in my classroom. We love to make crafts that go along with these fairy tales, too!

For each story, we work on comprehension strategies that match our standards. We complete the story map, sequencing activities, and some other fun extensions too. There are also writing activities that go along with each book.

On the fourth and fifth days, we read different twisted versions of these stories. I have several bonus activities included in this unit for The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, Dusty Locks, The Three Snow Bears, and The Three Wishes. You can find these books and all the fairy tale books for this unit in my Fairy Tale List on Amazon. (As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.)

More Fairy Tales for First Grade

I have three other fairy tale units that we complete after this unit. There is a unit with Classic Fairy Tales such as Rumpelstiltskin, Jack and the Beanstalk, Puss and Boots, and Little Red Riding Hood. I also have a Prince and Princess Unit with The Emperor’s New Clothes, The Frog Prince, The Princess and the Pea, and The Paper Bag Princess. Finally, I have a unit with different versions of Cinderella Stories.

Combined, you could spend a month on fairy tales. The children love these units. In fact, when I first started doing these units, I taught them in May, and we had a Happily Ever After end-of-the-year party. It was magical. You can grab the Fairy Tale Bundle of all four units at a great discount.

bundle of fairy tales for First Grade

This unit is also part of my year-long reading comprehension Guided Reading with a Purpose curriculum. You can read all about my Guided Reading with a Purpose curriculum here.

Here’s what a few teachers had to say about this Fairy Tale Element Three unit:

“I absolutely love this resource! I began by having the kids put up the illustrations on a Story Elements/ Fairy Tales Anchor Chart. Kids found it very engaging. There were so many activities in which to choose. Thank you for this A+ product!!”

“I already love teaching my fairy tales unit, but this resource made it even better! Many options for each story and the kids were super engaged.”


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