Day 2… Dr. Seuss 5 Day Freebie: Green Eggs and Ham!

Day 2... Dr. Seuss 5 Day Freebie: Green Eggs and Ham! - First Grade
 I was so excited for our Green Eggs and Ham Day today.  My little one decided to wake up at 5:00 which is not our usual time.  I had no problem getting up because I had so much on my mind.  I got all dressed and ready to go and then sat down to drink my coffee and watch the news, only to find out school was cancelled.  So unfortunately there will be no fun pictures of my classroom today but I will definitely update them tomorrow.  I didn’t want to leave you hanging with my freebie so here it is!  Click the link below and enjoy.  I will discuss what I will be doing tomorrow with each of these activities.

My little cutie and I all ready for school! Anyone else over these snow days?  It sure does mess with my planning!!!

Yes we were going to eat green eggs and ham today.  For those children who were willing to try them.  Then we were going to complete the two graphs above.

This was going to be my writing/craft for the day.  I was going to have the children complete the writing and color the egg to match their writing and ham.  

While the children were eating their eggs and ham I am going to take a picture of them with a like or dislike face.  We will graph our faces after they are printed.  This is the graph header!
Of course I had to have something extra special for the children too! So I made these pin inspired green eggs!  Super easy and pleased the husband too!  He kept sneaking all the m & m’s that weren’t green!
Hope you enjoy this freebie, I would love your feedback!
Here are some fun photos of our day!



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