Day 3 Dr. Seuss 5 Day Freebie…Wacky Wednesday

Wacky Wednesday Was so Much Fun!
Day 3 Dr. Seuss 5 Day Freebie...Wacky Wednesday - First Grade Roars!

I had a special guest reader today…Miss Charlie!!  Her babysitter decided to stop by so she helped me read the story to the class!

Today’s freebie is a little writing project we did today.  Writing is easily becoming my favorite part of the day.  The children are so creative and their growth is undeniable.  We do prompted whole group writing at the end of the day.  They create their own free choice writing during Daily 5.  I am going to share some examples below.  You will see a pre-writing.  I encourage the children to be brief and use “snip its” that will trigger their thoughts.  I always model the entire story on the SMART board with their helps almost a guided writing.  After modeling the children work independently with their pre-writing and writing and I turn on music for them.  It is a quiet time where they are fully engaged.  During this time I work in a small group with my emerging writers.  It is the perfect opportunity to give them the one on one time they need to improve.  I hope you enjoy this freebie!

You can see the check marks on her pre-writing as she worked.

I had to add this example.  My creative firstie decided to write her story upside down on the paper.  What a great idea!

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  • All of your freebies for Dr. Seuss week indicate they are in the "trash". Is it possible to still get some of these great activities?


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