Classroom Christmas Tree Day

I love creating memorable classroom Christmas activities and whenever I can add some nonfiction into my plans it’s a win. My first graders love nonfiction units and they retain so much at a young age. This inspired my Christmas Tree Theme Day. We learn all about evergreen trees and celebrate the holiday at the same time.

classroom Christmas tree theme day

Christmas Tree Books

We begin our classroom Christmas tree activities by reading the nonfiction book I wrote about Evergreen Trees. You can share the full-color version with real photos or use the mini books provided. I like to do both by projecting the colorful book on my SMART board. After reading, we work on some of the informational text standards to review our new learning.

nonfiction mini book about evergreen trees

Next, I share a fiction story with them. I have four favorites featured here but Red & Lulu is my very favorite. We work on the comprehension strategy that I feel needs the most review on this day. There are a variety of comprehension worksheets included so that you can pick and choose which ones you want to use, and they can be used for any story you select.

Christmas tree books

Christmas Tree Craft

Before lunch, we begin our craft. You could make this Christmas tree craft shown here using scrapbook paper or different shades of green. I use this as an opportunity for the students to make a Christmas tree craft to take home and give to someone they love. We cut our strips of paper and put them in a baggy. Then, while they are doing centers in the afternoon, I work with one group at a time to Modge Podge their tree onto a canvas. You can read more about my holiday crafts for the classroom and grab a snow globe freebie too.

Christmas tree craft

Christmas Tree Activities

In the afternoon, my classroom is set up with Christmas Tree themed centers or stations including a snack station with Little Debbie Christmas tree cakes.

Christmas Tree activities

There are several phonics centers open. Students can work on syllables, alphabetizing, vocabulary, punctuation, and making words. I also have two scoot activities one for short or long vowels and a blend scoot.

In the poetry center, students read the Christmas tree poem and work on sequencing, rhyming, answering questions, filling in the blanks, and illustrating.

Christmas tree poem

There are several Christmas tree math games they can play and a few worksheet activities to review their math skills.

Christmas math games and worksheets

For a fun Christmas writing activity, I created a mini book on how to decorate a tree. After students read the book, they can sequence the pictures and retell the story in their own words.

Christmas writing activity for first grade

Christmas Tree STEM Challenge

At the end of the day, we complete the build-a-tree STEM activity with gumdrops and toothpicks. This is always a hit with the students.

Christmas tree STEM activity

This is what a few teachers had to say about Christmas Tree Day

“Christmas tree day was a great addition to my lesson plans right before the holiday break.”

“We did a different theme each day the last week of school. This was exactly what I needed and I didn’t have to think of anything!”

“My teammate and I picked a few different themed days from your shop to do the last week before break! The students absolutely LOVED every single one of them!”

Christmas Tree Theme Day

Christmas Tree day sure is fun! I also have a Digital Christmas Tree Day. They pair nicely together.

If you like this day, you may be interested in my other Christmas Theme Days or my Winter Theme Days. If you use all 12, you can have a fun 12 days of Christmas event in the month of December.

Read about more fun classroom Christmas activities here:


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