Monster Day!

This year I wanted to spend an entire week doing monster activities and it just didn’t happen with everything else that goes on in October.  Instead I decided to have a Monster Day!  We read many stories, made two different monsters, ate monster cupcakes and then did  monster word work rotations.  We had so much fun!
Monster Day! - First Grade Roars!
These are the books we read.  They especially loved There was an Old Monster by the Emberley family.  This book has a digital link where the students can listen to the author sing it.  We had to sing it twice!

My triplets decorated these for my class but I think next year it would be fun to let my students.

This went along with “Go Away Big Green Monster”!  The children loved creating their own.  They all turned out so differently!

This is the start of our symmetrical monsters.  They chose their paint color, put blobs of paint on it, folded it, let it dry, and then decorated it!

Here are some of our finished goodies!!!
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