Reindeer Nonfiction Unit

December is the perfect time of year to learn all about reindeer. This Reindeer Nonfiction Unit is filled with activities to teach your students all about reindeer and work on the reading informational text standards. This unit includes a mini reader that will teach them all about reindeer with a matching colorful book with real photos. This real book can be projected via the digital Google link, downloaded as a PowerPoint, or shared as a pdf. You could even print it and put it in your classroom library. There are so many fun comprehension activities to complete after you read the story. You could do the included reindeer research project, make one or both of the reindeer crafts, or complete the word work and writing activities. There are loads of goodies in this resource to become reindeer experts.


What’s included in this Reindeer Nonfiction Unit:

Colorful Posters:

  • Schema, New Learning, Misconceptions
  • Can, Have, Are
  • K, W, L
  • 8 vocabulary cards with real photos-4 per page
  • Text Feature Posters
  • Glossary Sort
  • Heading/Table of Contents Sort

Comprehension Activities:

  • My Schema
  • 12-page mini reader copy 2 per page with table of contents, glossary, headings, and bold-faced words.
  • Learned/Questions I still have
  • Nonfiction text features hunt
  • Digging for Details
  • Fact and Details 2 pages
  • Clarify Meaning
  • Headings
  • Table of Contents 2 pages
  • Glossary
  • Caption
  • Label
  • Text Connections
  • 2 Facts I learned 2 pages
  • Wondered/Learned
  • Adaptations

Word Work:

  • ABC Order
  • Word Search
  • Making Words
  • Syllables
  • Punctuation
  • Survey
  • Fact vs. Opinion


  • Fill in the blank 2 pages
  • Can, have, are
  • Opinion prewriting and writing
  • Informative prewriting and writing
  • 3 Facts I learned

Reindeer Report:

  • Table of Contents
  • Animal Group
  • Habitat
  • Babies
  • Food
  • Label 3 options
  • Fun Facts
  • Photo Album
  • About the Author

Reindeer Paper Topper Craft

Reindeer Craft (words to label too)
Letters that spell “reindeer” 4 per page 2 options and a poster that says reindeer

Colorful Informative book in Google or download as PPTT to share with the class. It matches the mini-book but includes real photos.

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