Pirate Theme Day

Aaarggghhh Matey! Who’s ready for a little fun? Your students will LOVE Pirate Theme Day. Start the day off by giving them pirate names with the name tags included. Then, make some pirate headbands and turn them into pirates. Students can make a map to a buried treasure or write about something they would put in a treasure box with fun little clues. End the day by making a pet parrot. There are phonics activities, math games and activities, writing extensions, and comprehension strategies for “Pirates go to School” and “Pirates Love Underpants.” I have also included blank reading comprehension templates so you can work on skills and read whatever pirate theme book you like. Your students will have an amazing day and won’t even realize they are learning.


What’s included in Pirate Theme Day:

Pirate Nametags

Pirate Headbands

Pirate Day Letter Home

Pirate Day Snack Ideas to Purchase

Meet our Pirates Class Book Writing 6 options

My Schema on Pirates

Pirates-2 Things I Know

Pirates Love Underpants Extensions

  • Key Events
  • Author’s Purpose
  • My Underpants Prewriting
  • Design Underpants
  • Describe Underpants 2 options
  • Predict/End

Pirates Go to School

  • Fiction or Non-fiction
  • Retell
  • Character Analysis
  • My Opinion

Templates for Any Book

  • Check for Understanding
  • Main Idea & Details
  • Character Analysis
  • Story Message
  • Summarize
  • Problem
  • Text to Self
  • Characters

Math Activities

  • Class Survey
  • Up & Back Game Board
  • Bar Graph 2 pages
  • Double Digit Addition No Regrouping Game (in color)
  • Time to the Half-Hour Game
  • Spin & Subtract from 20
  • Subtraction to 20 Sort

Phonemic Activities

  • Key Words Word Wall
  • CVCE Scoot
  • Syllables
  • ABC Order
  • Word Search
  • Unscramble the Words
  • Punctuation
  • Making Words
  • Compound Words Puzzles
  • R-Controlled Vowel Sort

Writing Activities

  • Treasure Map-Create the Map
  • Write How to Find the Treasure
  • Mystery Treasure Chest Decorate
  • Write the Clues
  • Color what is in the Chest
  • How to Catch a Pirate
  • Would you want to Meet a Pirate

Center Cards (colorful 12 Large and Small)

Center Checklist Numbers 5-12 black and white

Pirate Day Banner (2 options)

Parrot Craft


©Megan Mitchell