Unicorn Theme Day

Did you know April 9th is National Unicorn Day? What better way to embrace your inner magic than having a fun learning day at school!  Theme days are a great way to keep your students engaged and learning especially right before breaks or the end of the school year. During Unicorn Theme Day, you can read your choice of suggested unicorn stories and complete the reading comprehension activities included. There is a letter to send home, snack ideas, a door banner, and loads of activities. You could run centers for the day or complete the activities together. The choices are endless. There is a unicorn craft, unicorn headband, literature extension activities, writing activities, math games, task cards, phonics scoot, and puzzles. It will be a fun-filled day sure to engage your students.


What’s included in Unicorn Theme Day:

  • Unicorn Headbands
  • Unicorn Day Letter Home
  • Unicorn Day Snack Ideas to Purchase
  • Unicorn Letter to Parents to Make a Snack
  • Unicorn Pet Idea
  • Pet Writing
  • Unicorn Class Book Cover
  • Class Book 4 options
  • My Schema on Unicorns
  • Unicorns-2 Things I Know
  • How to Catch a Unicorn Writing Activity (2 options)

Unicorn Day

  • Beginning, Middle, & End
  • Rules
  • Questions

How to Catch a Unicorn Writing 2 Options

General Templates for any unicorn book

  • Check for Understanding
  • Main Idea and Details
  • Character Analysis
  • Story Message
  • Summarize
  • Problem
  • Text to Self

Would you Want a Pet Unicorn 3 Pages

Book Suggestions Page


  • Class Survey
  • Roll & Move
  • Addition to 20 Color by Number
  • Shape Sort by Number of Sides
  • Doubles Board Game
  • Horn Place Value

Phonics Language Activities:

  • Write the Blends
  • Long or Short Vowel Scoot
  • Rhyming Color by Code
  • Homonym Puzzles
  • Blends Sort Real vs. Nonsense

Unicorn Horn Coloring Contest & Letter

Variety of Horns


Unicorn Craft

Center Cards (colorful 12 Large and Small)

Center Checklist Numbers 5-12 black and white

Unicorn Day Banner (2 options)


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