The Pigeon Has To Go To School Activities

This adorable story by Mo Willems is a back-to-school read-aloud your students will love.  The Pigeon Has To Go To School activities included here are perfect for those first days back in school. There are comprehension activities, math activities, sorts, a pigeon paper topper craft, and a school bus craft. It is all you will need to have some fun extensions to this AMAZING story.


The Pigeon Has To Go To School activities included:

Comprehension Extensions

  • Comprehension Question Cards
  • Poster/anchor chart to ask students about questions they still have (after the 1stday of school)
  • Predicting
  • Features of Fiction (characters, setting, problem and solution)
  • Character Senses & Analysis 2 versions
  • Retelling beginning, middle, and end (2 versions)
  • Main Idea and Details
  • Text Connection

Sorting Activity

  • Colorful cards to sort things the Pigeon did and did not worry about
  • Black and white version of the sorting activity

Writing Activities

  • Class Book Cover Page
  • Class Book Inserted Page
  • This is how I feel about school (2 versions).
  • Word Search


  • School Bus
  • Pigeon paper topper
  • Pigeon full-body craft

Math Activities

  • Graph how you get to school 2 versions colorful and black and white
  • Worksheet to go with the activity
  • Play a fun little game and help the pigeon get to the bus

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