Spring Solve the Mystery Activity

I am so excited to share this Springtime or Easter CHALLENGE I created for your students! You will begin this activity with a short video that will challenge your students to solve the case of the missing marshmallow bunnies. They will have to find out who took them, when they took them, and where they put them. To solve the case, students will work to complete 9 different task cards. The task cards are based on first-grade standards in both math and language arts. Once they complete a task card, they will receive a clue. After they have all 9 clues, they will be able to solve the mystery. As a fun culmination, there are awards and headbands. There is a fun little story ending to explain what happened. This goodie comes with a bonus writing, snack, and math extension. You can make Peep candy s’mores, do a taste and graph activity, or design and write about a new marshmallow candy flavor. This is similar to the who dunnit activities. There is no mention of Easter in this resource just marshmallow bunnies.


Here is what you will receive in this exciting adventure pack!

  • Directions
  • CAN YOU SOLVE THE CASE? Letters to display (4 pages)
  • Who, When, and Where Posters 6 pages
  • An mp3 video to introduce the case
  • Case of the Missing Letter (color and b& w)
  • Posters ( 15 pages)
  • 9 Task cards (color and b& w)
  • Student Journals 13 pages
  • Clues 11 pages

Student Crowns (b& w)

  • Student Awards (color and b& w)
  • Answer Key 10 pages

Content Covered

  • Homophones
  • Three Digit Addition
  • Punctuation
  • Subtraction to 20
  • Contractions
  • <, >, = True or False
  • Rhyme Time “ing”
  • Subtract 2 from 28 & 53
  • Which to, two, too

Bonus: writing extension, s’more taste testing, and graphing

©Megan Mitchell