Owls True or False Google Slides Activity

This fun interactive owl activity is perfect for the fall, November, or any time of year! Present these slides to review and learn more about owls! This set includes 20 statements about owls. After reading each statement, the students have to guess if it is true or false. I have included cards you could make or a simple thumbs up, thumbs down works great too. Once they have guessed, you move the box to reveal the answer. Not only does it give the answer but it also tells the children a few fun facts about the statement. This is a great way to learn about owls or review what you have already learned. It can be played in person using an interactive board or over a Google or Zoom meeting. You could also send it to your students for a fun review on owls.


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Some of this resource is in Google Slides format. You will NEED TO HAVE ACCESS to GOOGLE SLIDES to use this resource. It is also helpful to have GOOGLE CLASSROOM but not necessary. It will help you easily send the activities to your students.

Please note: I am not affiliated or associated with Google, nor do they endorse this resource.

©Megan Mitchell