Outer Space Theme Day

Enjoy the last week of school with this fun end-of-the-year Outer Space theme day. Students will love this educational day as they explore space, nonfiction text features, writing, math, word work, and more. This 300+ page unit is jam-packed with goodies to make this day out of this world. Choose your own fictional story and use the comprehension strategies provided to add some more fun. This resource includes a book about outer space with real photos as well as a matching printable book. There are astronaut headbands included as well as a floating astronaut craft and a spaceship blasting off craft. Don’t miss out on all the fun. This resource would be perfect for the letter O if you do an ABC end-of-the-year countdown. This would also make great summer camp activities for a week filled with fun.


Included in Outer Space Theme Day:

Outer Space Day Letter Home

Outer Space Day Snack Ideas

Astronaut Nametags


  • Outer Space Non-fiction Teacher Book 18 pages real images
  • Outer Space Non-fiction Mini Book 18 pages copy 2 per page
  • Schema, New Learning, Questions colorful posters
  • KWL colorful posters
  • Shema on Outer Space 2 options)
  • Non-fiction Text Hunt 2 pages
  • Digging for Details 3 pages
  • Solar System Cut and Paste
  • Text Connections
  • Survey
  • Fact or Opinion
  • Author’s Purpose
  • New Learning
  • Check for Understanding


  • 3 Facts on Outer Space
  • Meet our Space Aliens Class Book Cover 2 options
  • Insert pages 8 pages
  • Landing on the Moon Narrative prewriting and writing
  • All about Outer Space Informative prewriting and writing
  • Planet Research: cover, planet, location, description, orbit, moons, fun facts, photos

Fiction Templates for your choice of book:

  • Book Idea List with a link to books to purchase
  • Key Events
  • Predicting
  • Main Idea & Details
  • Character Analysis
  • Fiction or Nonfiction
  • Features of Fiction
  • Beginning, Middle, & End
  • Text to Self 2 options
  • Summarize

Math Activities:

  • Roll & Color Bar Graph Game
  • Spin & Tally Game
  • Roll 3 & Add Bingo Color & B&W Game
  • Star Gazing Subtraction Color & B&W Game
  • Adding 9 Spin and Cover Bingo Color & B&W Game
  • Alien Time to the Half Hour Spin & Move Board Game Color & B&W
  • True or False Balance the Equation Cover All Game Color & B&W
  • Astronaut Race to the Top Double Digit + & – Game Color & B&W
  • Write the Room Ten More or Ten Less 18 cards Color & B&W
  • Write the Room Fac Family 12 cards Color & B&W
  • Constellation Shape Memory Game

Word Work Activities:

  • Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs Worksheet
  • Syllables Worksheet
  • Make it Plural Worksheet
  • ABC Order Worksheet
  • Word Sort Plural or Possessive Cut and Paste Worksheet
  • Making Words Worksheet
  • Planet Word Scramble Worksheet
  • Punctuation Worksheet
  • Word Search Worksheet
  • Capitalization Sort Cut and Paste Worksheet
  • Synonym or Antonym Bingo B&W Game
  • Noun or Verb Bingo B&W Game
  • L Blend Bingo B&W Game
  • Verbs Past, Present, Future Write the Room Color & B&W
  • Diphthong Scoot Color & B&W
  • R Controlled Vowel Scoot Color & B&W


  • Astronaut headbands
  • Astronaut Paper Topper
  • Astronaut Floating Craft
  • Spaceship Craft
  • Letters that spell:
  • “Blast off into Summer”4 per page
  • “Floating into K,1,2,3” 4 per page
  • “Over the Moon with Facts” 4 per page
  • “This year was Out of this World” 2 per page

Center Cards 1-12 in color 1 per page

Center Cards 1-12 4 per page

Center Checklist for 12-5 Centers

Signs: Outer Space Day 2 options both in Color or B&W

©Megan Mitchell