Our Class is a Family Activities

Our Class is a Family written by Shannon Olsen and illustrated by Sandie Sonke is a beautiful story about embracing and redefining what a family can be. This story is perfect for the beginning of the school year, the first week of school, or even the first day of school. This set includes a class portrait bulletin board activity, some comprehension strategies, a class book activity, and a fun sorting activity.


Our Class is a Family activities included:

  1. Read the story and sort the qualities of a family. Sort by “home family” and ”school and home family.” (Includes a color and paper-pencil version)
  2. Make a class book of your family members with 2 cover options and 2 insert options.
  3. Let’s compare my family’s activity.
  4. Message worksheets 2 options.
  5. Text to Self worksheet.
  6. Point of View worksheet.
  7. Bulletin Board Words for “Our Class is Family” (in black and white), “Family Portraits” (in color), school bell, 2 different portrait templates.

©Megan Mitchell