Life Cycle of a Butterfly Lesson Plan Unit

This Life Cycle of a Butterfly lesson plan unit will help your students understand the metamorphosis of how an egg changes into a butterfly. It comes complete with a journal that has text to explain the process as well as writing, recording, and activities to go along with your exploration of caterpillars. Also included are colorful posters to demonstrate the butterfly life cycle, loads of writing activities, and comprehension activities for “Monarch Butterflies” by Gail Gibbons and “The Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle. Includes two fun craft projects – a caterpillar and a butterfly.


What’s included in the Life Cycle of a Butterfly Lesson Plan Unit:

  • 20-page butterfly journal to use when your butterflies arrive or use the pages separately
  • cut and paste 4 pictures to the lifecycle
  • posters for schema, new learning, and misconceptions
  • anticipation guide for the story Monarch Butterflies by Gibbons
  • Web and informative writing paper for All about Butterflies
  • Butterflies can, have, and are chart
  • All about Butterflies fill in the blank writing
  • Opinion prewriting and writing activities
  • Butterfly lifecycle prewriting and writing
  • alphabetizing vocabulary words
  • word search
  • syllables
  • asking vs. telling
  • making words
  • metamorphosis vocabulary page
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar-sequencing, beginning, middle, and end, and text to self
  • Venn diagram to compare and contrast a caterpillar to a butterfly
  • real photographs of a labeled butterfly
  • real photos of eggs, j hook, chrysalis, caterpillar, & butterfly
  • Colorful posters with arrows to demonstrate the butterfly lifecycle
  • caterpillar craft
  • butterfly craft


©Megan Mitchell