If You Take A Mouse To School Activities

Do you need a great story to read for back to school? If You Take a Mouse to School is so much fun for the children. It will remind them of all the fun things that can happen at school. These If You Take a Mouse to School activities include great comprehension strategies, writing activities, and some beginning-of-the-year practice with letter writing. There are three colorful word work activities to review initial sounds, rhyming and spelling patterns, and s blends.


If You Take A Mouse To School activities included:

• Character Analysis

• Main Idea and Details

• Make a List

• Writing the Alphabet in Uppercase

• Writing the Alphabet in Lowercase

• Needs vs. Does

• Save vs. Different

• Recall

• “ou” vs. “oo” word sort

• Text to Self

• Fill in the blank story focusing on recall

• 1st Day fun information sheet

• Mouse’s First Day of School writing mini book-copy 2 per page

• Retell Writing Activity with Prewriting Template

• Odd vs. Even counting

• ABC Order

• Syllables

• Mouse Craft

• initial sounds mini puzzles 26 colorful

• s blend sort activity colorful

• rhyming/spelling pattern sort colorful


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