Gratitude Lesson Unit | SEL Curriculum for K-2 Students

Teaching students basic life skills with social and emotional learning is so important. In this unit, students will work on learning what it means to have gratitude at home, school, and in the community, part of the social awareness SEL standard. This unit focuses on being grateful, finding the positive things in life, and showing your gratitude. This unique curriculum will take your students on an adventure to different towns where they will learn about social and emotional skills.


This unit discusses the importance of gratitude at home, school, and in the community. This unit comes with a story about the town, “Gratitude”, scenarios or problems to solve, activities, a passport, stamps for the passport, a parent connect letter, and more. These primary lesson plans were created so there is little prep for the teacher. Simply project the Googles Slides and make your way through the lesson. The only prep you will have is copying the extension activities if you choose to use them. In fact, these would be perfect for a short morning meeting each day! YouTube audio versions of the books are included as well as links to short videos and songs.


Included in this Gratitude Lesson Unit:

  • Lesson plans for the week
  • Projectable digital slides for 5 days of lessons
  • A story about the town your students will be visiting
  • Additional mini stories about the town.
  • Mini scenarios or problems to solve
  • Printable activities to extend the lesson
  • Slides with links to books and videos on YouTube
  • Parent Connect Letter
  • Passport and stamp for the specific skill
  • Tag for the skill if you rather use that instead of passport and stamp
  • Town Pledge
  • Question cards to use for the week
  • Matching Cards Activity



C1: Recognize, identify and empathize with the feelings and perspective of others

C2: Demonstrate consideration for and contribute to the well-being of the school, community and world.

C3: Demonstrate awareness and respect for human dignity, including similarities and differences of all people, groups, and cultures.

C3: Demonstrate an awareness and respect for human dignity, including the similarities and differences of all people, groups and cultures


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