Elephant Nonfiction Unit

This Elephant Nonfiction Unit is a perfect little unit to introduce these jungle mammals. There is a printable mini book provided that you can copy 2 per page to teach your students some basic elephant facts. Then you can use the book to make writing connections and write a little report. There are 2 elephant craft options with some fiction text connections too.


Included in this Elephant Nonfiction Unit:

  • Fact vs. Opinion
  • Mini Booklet, copy two per page
  • Adaptations
  • Writing Activities (Opinion, Informative, Fill in the Blank, Can, Have, & Are Chart)
  • Mini Report Template – 6 pages
  • 2 Elephant craft ideas
  • 3 Fiction Text Connections:
    • “Never Ride Your Elephant to School” by Johnson
    • “Elephants Can Paint Too” by Arnold
    • “The Ant and the Elephant” by Peet

©Megan Mitchell