Click Clack Quack to School Activities for Reading Comprehension

If you enjoy Doreen Cronin’s farm stories, this would make a great back-to-school read-aloud. Duck is up to his shenanigans again as he sneaks into the principal’s office to make new rules. The farm animals are on their best behavior until recess. This literature extension pack is filled with comprehension strategies that you can use and differentiate for all your learners. There are also writing and word work activities as well as fun math games. Students can create a fun duck paper topper craft to write new school rules.


Click Clack Quack to School activities included:

Anchor Text:

  • “Click, Clack Quack to School” by Doreen Cronin

Reading Strategies:

  • Predicting 3 options
  • Characters and Setting
  • Main Idea and Details 2 options
  • Sequencing 9 & 12 cards cut & paste 2 options
  • Beginning, Middle, & End 3 options
  • Text Connections 2 options
  • Author’s Purpose
  • Fiction or Nonfiction
  • Story Mapping
  • Character Analysis 3 options
  • My Opinion
  • Question & Answer
  • Key Events
  • Features of Fiction
  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Problem & Solution
  • Check for Understanding 2 options
  • Point of View
  • Message
  • Character Feeling
  • Inference

Word Work:

  • ABC Order
  • Making Words “back to school time”
  • Syllables
  • Word Search
  • Word Scramble

Colorful Posters

  • 6 questions cards
  • Main idea
  • Details/sequencing cards
  • Characters
  • Setting
  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Message


  • Retell Prewriting & Writing
  • Opinion Prewriting & Writing
  • Writing a letter 6 options
  • Make a list things to do at recess
  • Make a list of Duck’s new rules


  • Tally & Graph
  • Roll and Double
  • Let’s Head to School Roll & Move
  • How Many Sides? Bingo Game


Duck Paper Topper Craft

Letters ”Duck Elementary”


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