Chicks and Salsa Activities for Reading Comprehension

Chicks and Salsa is the cutest story about farm animals that are sick of their farm food. They sneak into the garden and grab ingredients to make salsa, guacamole, and nacho chips. This story would make the perfect read-aloud for Cinco De Mayo. This literature extension pack is filled with comprehension strategies that you can use and differentiate for all your learners. There are also writing and word work activities as well as a few fun math games too. Students will have fun creating the rooster in a sombrero with salsa craft.


Chicks and Salsa activities included:

Anchor Text:

  • “Chicks and Salsa” by Aaron Reynolds

Reading Strategies:

  • Predicting 3 options
  • Inferencing
  • Main Idea and Details 2 options
  • Sequencing 10 cards cut & paste
  • Beginning, Middle, End 3 options
  • Text Connection
  • Author’s Purpose
  • Fiction or Nonfiction
  • Story Mapping
  • Character Analysis 2 options
  • My Opinion
  • Question & Answer
  • Key Events
  • Features of Fiction
  • Problem & Solution cut and paste
  • Check for Understanding 2 options
  • Point of View

Word Work:

  • Vocabulary cut and paste
  • ABC Order
  • Making Words “chicks and salsa”
  • Syllables
  • Word Search
  • Colorful posters:

6 questions cards

  • Main idea
  • Details/sequencing cards
  • Characters & Setting
  • Problem & Solution


  • Retell Prewriting & Writing
  • Opinion Prewriting & Writing
  • Make a list


  • Survey, Tally, & Graph
  • Roll & Subtract Coverall
  • Triple the Fun Bingo
  • Gameboard Roll & Move
  • Bar Graph Let’s Make Guacamole
  • Spin & Add Salsa

Chicks & Salsa Craft

Letters ”Chicks & Salsa”


This pairs nicely with my Fiesta in a Cup Activity 


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